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Die Hard 4: Die Hardest

Efficient Implementation chapter of HAC

seti: also .pdf

Handbook of Applied Cryptography

rik: ... or how to implement every useful algorithm in common use.
rik: Free download for personal/educational use
rik: rik puts his hand on this when promising to tell the truth in court.

Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control

crysflame: home of the Wondershaper


Paper electronic voting machines

crysflame: "one of the largest makers of touch-screen voting machines has introduced a prototype capable of producing paper ballots."

Where suicide bombers come from.

Flag-O-Rama! Patriotic items for fanatical flagwavers

kherr: "If you don't own this sutff, you're probably a terrorist."

The history of the Swastika

kherr: The symbol is older than the Egyptian Ankh. It used to mean good.

Rumor: New Advanced iPod Dock Coming

2600 Australia: Seminar Series

crysflame: MP3s for each session, apparently.

ITC tackles Fox News bias claims

kherr: If Fox News violated Britain's "due impartiality" rules they can be forced off the air. Cool.
crysflame: <q> if we allow into Britain the kind of journalism represented by Fox, that would bring about a form of censorship by narrowing the range of views and a coarsening of the level of debate </q>
kherr: If they lose their license, they're off the air in the EU by EU rules.

Turn off the lights

crysflame: they should just develop real "black lights".
kherr: Too much light pollution, campaign launched to reduce it.

Industry Awaits iTunes for Windows

kherr: And yet the stupid record execs want more restrictions before agreeing to a Windows version of iTunes Music Store.

Teledidonics - sex over ip

crysflame: <q> online discussions of Teledildonics have reflected on an experiment where the suit's sensors failed, however, the participants experienced physical orgasms - giving a new meaning to the term "mind fuck". </q>
Mutiny: absolutely devoid of technical info past the 'parallel port' part
crysflame: <q> Rheingold imagines putting on a "diaphanous bodysuit, something like a body stocking but with the kind of intimate snugness of a condom" and having a virtual-reality sexperience over the Net.</q> -- http://www.time.com/time/reports/v21/tech/mag_sex.html

The Adventures of Karen Minnis in La La Land.

DragonFax: or "Guess Who Sold Their Vote To Microsoft"
DragonFax: personally, I can't wait for the sequel. "Dirty Rotten Liars", coming a state representative near you.


skimpIzu: http://knowbuddy.dyndns.org/torrent/mods/completed
skimpIzu: BT patch to record # of completes, saves state with the dfile, and will upgrade an existing dfile to be compatible. Wont downgrade

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