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1988 patent on beaming voices into peoples heads using microwaves

Schuyler: /me puts on his tinfoil hat

the new face of american patriotism

Rocks reliable sockets

International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking

Rocks reliable sockets (mailing list archives)

Warblogger and Poliblogger Bash

AccordionGuy: "Darth Vader was a fucking Liberal pussy."

Naked News Party

The Iraqi Information Minister on the subject of accordions.

AccordionGuy: Requires Flash.

Help Wanted: Need help constructing flamethrower for armored hearse

dav^^: hearse photo
Mutiny: Nice eyeliner.


rik: it's japanese. it's wooden. it's used i nweird musical pr0n.

San Francisco Health Violation list

seti: see for yourself that jwz should practice better personal hygiene




Scientists setup a computer in a monkey enclosure, to test infinite monkey theorem

Morbus: Six monkies is just short of infinite though. Early reports suggest a similar study will begin with twice as many monkies next year.

May 8 Associated Press-- Climber Who Cut Off Arm Discusses Ordeal

Angus_Young: I think 'hand' is a better description, but what the heck
deltab: Not to be confused with "Pentathlete Who Cut Off Arm Discus Ordeal"

Guardian -- Timeline: Iraq

Angus_Young: Presumably this will continue to be updated .. it is not comprehensive of course :)

IPS May 7 2003 -- AUSTRALIA: Gov't under Pressure to Curb Trafficking of Women

A_Young: ".. a 27-year-old Thai woman, believed to have been brought here at the age of 12 to work in the sex trade .. was arrested during a brothel raid and was suffering from a drug overdose at the time. Put into a detention centre for illegal immigrants -- not a hospital -- she died in September 2001 after choking on her own vomit."
A_Young: In another marvelous coup of indirection and FUD, inaugural Orwell Award for obstructing press freedom Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock directed attention away from the disasterous penal camps by launching 'visas for dobbers'
A_Young: At another detention center, Port Headland, despite a memo that "All conversations and actions by detainees are to with videoed and extensively logged in individual folders" officials who apparently covering up existence of a solitary confinement punishment block have 'lost' crucial information for an inquest into another death
A_Young: from that last link, "Currently, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission is the only body in Australia that can independently investigate allegations of human rights abuse, such as those that surround Mohammed Saleh's story. Recently, the Attorney-General Daryl Williams introduced legislation into parliament that if passed, significantly reduces the independence and powers of that commission."
A_Young: To be fair (fairer than Ruddock is himself) Ruddock's new visa for dobbing in Sex Slave traffickers is better than no action at all

Courier Mail 09may03 -- Baxter guards accused of torture

A_Young: Just one of many such claims regarding Australia's 'mandatory' detention centers for 'illegal' immigrants
A_Young: "THE Federal Government is investigating claims that an Iranian detainee at South Australia's Baxter Immigration Detention Facility was tortured by guards who handcuffed him and left him hanging by a hook for more than an hour."
A_Young: Baxter replaced 'the notorious Woomera detention camp' as reported in the Observer April 27, 2003 supposedly as a more humane alternative

How to become a security expert over night. Gear up for those Homeland Security pork barrels

A_Young: Gary Morse .. isn't he that shit-hot guitarist?

OneNews May 02, 2003 -- Police investigate Pan drug theft

A_Young: "Police are reportedly investigating the theft from Pan Pharmaceuticals of a million cold tablets that can be turned into amphetamines valued at tens of millions of dollars. .."
A_Young: ".. Pan's founder and chief executive, Jim Selim, resigned amid a recall of 1369 health supplements across Australasia. .."
coderman: w00t. cook up a few hundred pounds of meth with the nazi method
A_Young: ".. ingredients were substituted, test results were manipulated and manufacturing processes were substandard .. Pan is (sic) Australia's largest contract manufacturer of herbal, vitamin and nutritional supplements."
A_Young: ".. It also makes some over-the-counter medicines including paracetamol, codeine, antihistamines and pseudoephedrine. The company represents 70% of the Australian complementary medicine market and exports to dozens of countries. Dozens of people have suffered adverse reactions after taking Pan products, with 19 subsequently hospitalised."

Guardian May 2, 2003 -- Brothel scores with investors

A_Young: world's first publicly listed brothel
A_Young: "'We are a blue chip, well-established business with a rock-solid reputation,' he said. 'We've been around for 30 years and we have proved the cynics wrong again and again.'" .. brothels have been legal in Sydney for what? 10yrs? 15 tops?

Guardian May 9, 2003 -- All the news that's new and abused .. Rape claim from grave haunts Queen's man in Australia

A_Young: "The Queen's representative in Australia was clinging doggedly to his job last night amid a storm of calls for his resignation, as an accusation of rape was added to the mounting grievances against him."
A_Young: "The governor general, Peter Hollingworth, is already embroiled in a child abuse scandal over his lenient treatment of paedophile priests during his tenure as archbishop of Brisbane.. "
A_Young: Personally I think he's done very little wrong apart from political fumbling (I would say naiive, but I can't believe you get to Archbishop anywhere without political astuteness) ...
A_Young: Unfortunately circumstances have royally fucked him over
A_Young: Then again, what the fuck would I know
A_Young: Shows to me why we should have an elected head of state, and furthermore, why politicians should be recallable by their electorate
A_Young: The alleged rape is alleged to have occured 40 yrs ago .. the statute of limitations normally limits cases where no duty-of-care exists to 20 yrs .. but just last week in the same state the statute was extended so that another government official could be tried for a rape alleged to have occurred in 1981





TheShad: Suprise suprise, U.S. wants Iraqi oil

DARPA trying to soothe TIA fears

kherr: They swear TIA will be based "only" on government databases.

Associated Press 01:02 PM - MAY 08, 2003 Eastern Time -- Microsoft Admits Passport Was Vulnerable

A_Young: ".. by typing a specific Web address that included the phrase "emailpwdreset," he could seize any person's Passport account and change the password associated with it." SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE SHOT. OR BOMBED.
A_Young: ".. he discovered the vulnerability about four minutes after he began searching in earnest."
A_Young: This is not just a theoretical hack: ".. he discovered the flaw after Passport accounts belonging to him and a friend both were hijacked repeatedly."
A_Young: "Passport, which is closely tied to Microsoft's flagship Windows XP software, is integral to its most important upcoming technology services."
A_Young: I doubt that the hack he found was the one used to hack his account .. it changes the password and doesn't tell the hacker the original password afaik .. yet microsoft say they are unaware of any accounts being hacked .. therefore presumably microsoft didn't reset his password for him repeatedly ..
Angus_Young: Watch the stock price here

Microsoft admits Internet Passport was vulnerable

kherr: Laughably simple security hole. 200 million accounts. $11,000 fine per account. $2.2 trillion dollars. Oops.
A_Young: /me wishes he used M$ now ;)
kherr: "The FTC last year determined...that Microsoft exaggerated promises about its [Passport] safety."
A_Young: I guess paladium will fix this sort of stuff though ;) bring it on, ASAP ;)
A_Young: (These two stories on M$ passport are the exact same story btw)

Program Repair Shop and Red Flags

A_Young: A series of articles on how to improve your perl code starts with this one




Over 100 Towns Have Passed Anti-Patriot Act Resolutions

kherr: One state and 102 cities, towns and counties have passed resolutions opposing the Patriot Act.
^matthew: That leaves approximately 1 grillion that have not.


coderman: dont breed a 19h belgian to a 16h mare, you fucking idiots
coderman: yeah, this mare is dead
^matthew: It's like a Mexican and a Samoan having sex.

200-year-old mansion for sale on eBay -- with a catch

Mutiny: let me guess. you have to stay one night in it alone?
kherr: Buyer has to dismantle and move it; the land is not for sale.
kherr: Isaac Meason Mansion
kherr: eBay listing

"What I Love about my Segway"

wmf: if you ever wonder why things are a little weird at Danger...
coderman: What I love about my segway: "It really allows me to kick back, relax and act like a pedestrian"


dav^: Funny french ad on parenting

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