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we are all irrelevant in the grand scheme of things... || < dav^> is lauren the name of your bagel?

Chuck E Cheese left a directory open!

Ash: This one is particularly funny
Ash: this is too funny, heh


A_Young: see also http://www.wifimaps.com/ and http://blogosphere.headmap.com/
A_Young: oops sorry for duplicating this url .. oh well
A_Young: see also http://www.brainoff.com/geoblog/
A_Young: While you're here, why not check out this fishing spots mapping resource





lemonodor: "Close up of phorid flies attacking fire ants"
lemonodor: "Closeup of a phorid fly emerging from a fire ant head"
lemonodor: screeeee! screee!


^matthew: High-end real estate.



Architect Jean Nouvel

deltab: not Dr. Evil

Karl Sims' Evolving Virtual Creatures (aka. "the blockies")


dav^: Man saws off own head


dav^: German man arrested for carrying severed head through town



A_Young: A bunch of reference stuff, including extensively hyperlink-cross-referenced health info

Question 28 describes the Geforce4 ti Anisotropic Filtering Bug in Hardware

seti: "describe" is a big word...
A_Young: so is porngurgle
A_Young: woops

The Wilderness Society [Australia]: CMS Evaluation Project -- Content Management Systems on Debian GNU/Linux

A_Young: Looks like they chose Drupal
A_Young: Oddly they don't seem to have given much emphasis to the Drupal engine in their analysis and I can't find where they have given the reasons for their selection
A_Young: See also this comparitive review of some CMSs


^matthew: "hardboiled is a highly organized, take-no-prisoners, paramilitary journalistic juggernaut based at UC (United Corporation of) Berkeley. We live under self-imposed martial law to bring you the best in political rabblerousing, community muckraking, and pop culture machinations in the Bay Area and the world. We run a finely-honed machine that eats rusted nails for breakfast and lives and breathes information intelligence all day. And it ha
^matthew: Man I miss when these zines used to be $3 at the very back of the magazine rack...


^matthew: Bayes' Theorem is cool.

SSH tunnels, the "nazi analogy" of slashdot

Party On! Dude - where's my twins?

kherr: Bush Twins drinking and smoking a bowl at an Ashton "Kelso" Kutcher party.
kherr: "One of the Secret Service guys asked me if they'd be spending the night. I said no."
coderman: I asked him in return: "You think they would both fuck me at the same time?"

Navigation Technologies mapping the US one block at a time ...

coderman: "Chillanis is one of more than 400 field analysts who drive several million miles of roads each year and feed their findings into Navigation Technologies' database. The mapping data is licensed to several navigating services, including MapQuest, Yahoo Maps and General Motors' OnStar in-vehicle navigating system."
coderman: this is the reason you dont get access to their data. it costs them bucko bucks to keep it updated.

Coder's trip to vegas last year. lots-o-fun.

DefCon XI in Vegas Aug 1st - 3rd. This is the last one! REALLY! WERE NOT KIDDING THIS TIME!

coderman: who is that guy with the yellow pelican case.. and the panel antennas stuck all over it.. and those grey boxes with red LED's... and why do I have a headache?


coderman: "The bill authorizes $8 million to the Community Management Staff to establish an ROTC like program to encourage college students to pursue careers as intelligence analysts."
coderman: that just strikes me as funny for some reason. what the hell would you do in an ROTC equivalent of intelligence?
coderman: run around with black sunglasses wearing suits and placing hidden cams in the cheerleaders locker rooms?


I've got to stop taking lives so seriously...


jillium: coderman's ideal religious experience
coderman: i did this already. It's called "coder does way too much SSRI and then takes LSD two days later"

Local Man Ruins Date By Just Being Himself

coderman: "I'm glad he felt comfortable being himself," said brother Chris Scanlon, 39. "But when you're in full-blown mid-30s-crisis mode with misogynist tendencies and a desperate, neurotic need for approval, maybe 'the real you' is not the best thing to put forward."
coderman: damnit, now they tell me!


seti: yet another website consisting of one (1) big GIF as excuse for an index
seti: pretty cool movie on it though.
lemonodor: the pdf is pretty detailed, too.



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