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MTV Europe's guidelines for not being 'crude' during a war

crysflame: do not show list includes [quote] System of a Down "Boom!" - anti-war video containing facts and figures about, amongst other things, the projected casualties in the war in Iraq.
crysflame: what is the "ITC Programme Code"?
deltab: The Independent Television Commission's Programme Code, detailing what can and can't be shown on commercial tv in the UK


coderman: I think that cop on the left is about to swing the night stick a bit!

gastric bypass in a pill - loose weight fast!

crysflame: "Small bowel obstruction can be fatal and it's not an acceptable consequence of this therapy."

skimpIzu: not only can you see the power of ion. but you see the deskspace i obtained with my new monitor, capable of a higher resolution


Schuyler: FreeNetworks Conference, June 7-8, Las Vegas
Schuyler: Y'all come now, you hear!

Meyer-Briggs type indicator support for FOAF

crysflame: google for "<foaf:myersBriggs>", it's not very widespread
crysflame: could be useful for the personals bot
coderman: heh, I wonder how many people using this stuff are 'INTP'.

UN devolves into anarchy and looting after hunger pains strike with shock and awe!

crysflame: [quote] When asked how much liquor was lifted from the U.N. bar, one U.S. diplomat responded: "I stopped counting the bottles." He then excused himself and headed towards the men's room.
coderman: <pissing UN diplomat> Oh, you mean how many bottles I drank??

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Why we wont help you

coderman: ehehe
coderman: RTFM!

Do Software Firms Have Bright Future?

coderman: Answer: depends on who you ask and how much coffee they've had this morning...


The Naked Guy / Andrew Martinez

uke: The Naked Guy / Andrew Martinez

Israeli Cop Mistakenly Undressed, Fondled at Party

^matthew: There are worse things that could happen to a guy.
Mutiny: Beats getting blown up by a suicide bomber.
Mutiny: Not as fun as bulldozing some homes, but still fun..

No Exit - with commentary

coderman: "However the piece contains essential germs of existentialist thought such as "Hell is other people."
^matthew: Recommend you skip this book, unless required for degree.
coderman: ehehehehe, that should be a bumper sticker. "HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE"

Writing Embedded Speech Commands for the Mac's Speech Manager

crysflame: (bnf included, yay!)

Tech Job Market to Stay Bleak, Study Says

coderman: " Nearly one in four large technology companies surveyed said they had already outsourced technology work to foreign countries, and an additional 15 percent of large technology companies said they were considering a similar move within the next year."
coderman: aww yeah, coders, the new age burger flippers. the grunt force breaking backs for meager pay and worthless options in the New Economy. This is the new SLAVE LABOR FORCE, except their skills let them live in a fanstasy world where they fail to see themselves as mindless construction workers, replacable cogs in a giant profit machine.
coderman: ... but it's going to get better.. next year. we promise.




crysflame: "A DIY Cruise Missile: The Construction Diary"

Repeal the presidential term limit!

crysflame: found on iconocla.st
burtonator: that is a terrible idea!
burtonator: bush supporters
^matthew: Even before the term limit amendment, presidential terms were limited to only as many as they are elected for. It seems the best term limit scheme I've seen.
crysflame: Brought up by a democrat, iirc.
Schuyler_: still a terrible idea.
crysflame: =trust issues with geeks and "software updates" being applied to voting booths 2 weeks before a highly-contested election, combined with closed-source black-box electronic voting showing up everywhere (mostly run by a company directly related to Cheney), leads several to doubt that our vote is actually counted as we voted it, possibly breaking "only as many as they are elected for"

MegaMek, online java BattleTech

Mutiny: Most fun I've had with an online game in a long time.

Firm in Florida election fiasco earns millions from files on foreigners

kherr: Bush Administration is paying data-gathering company to collect detailed personal info on foreign countries.
kherr: It's TIA for the world!
skimpIzu: http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/news/breaking_news/5763916.htm
skimpIzu: """The Bush administration on Thursday said some countries were failing to provide adequate protection against copyright piracy of U.S. products such as movies and computer programs...The report singled out an additional 10 nations and the European Union for special monitoring from U.S. trade officials in the coming year in an effort to improve enforcement of intellectual property laws.""".
kherr: How US paid for secret files on foreign citizens
skimpIzu: "Virii mutate, it takes something even more disgusting to want to maintain the status quo" -me

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