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Pot and pr0n fueling the great american black market.


Life's gonna suck when you grow up

kernel commentator says "the man is fucking with our freedom drivers!"

wmf: it's so sad, because they could have easily designed the chips to not have this problem
coderman: coderman says: "i will petition linuxfund for a copy of softice, some xilinx hardware, and a FUCK LOAD OF DEX"
coderman: on the other hand, these will be hacked, and then we can play with a full range of spectrum

Weed-eating robots that scan the ground for weeds and terminate.

crysflame: ="Aaugh, it's Terminator Weed!"


crysflame: "Writing Secure Code"
crysflame: Minimum bid: $4.00
kherr: Based on table of contents, looks kind of light-weight and obvious.

Suspicion arises of phone-damaging spam

crysflame: ="'An AT&T Wireless representative, who had been unaware of the situation, did not have an immediate comment.'"
kherr: Unopened email on cell phones that seems to be wiping out address books.
kherr: Someone using the M$ software development model for "secure" software?

Man hospitalized for Dylan-related exhaustion



Cheap BSD Virtual Servers

InfoGargoyle - Intel Gathering and Wearable Computing

When Bad English Happens to Good Layout Engines

kherr: KHTML and Gecko source have a couple of grammatical quirks.
Mutiny: hahahah setLayouted
DragonFax: Wow... and I thought JWZ was a winey little bitch.
^matthew: Not to imply that jwz is not a whiney little bitch.
DragonFax: true true


^matthew: Cockney rhyming slang is perhaps the oddest linguistic phenomenon I've ever come across.
Mutiny: You think you're so bloody Easter Bunny

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