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Please patch chump so that the original poster can remove a URL within X amount of seconds, KTHX || http://www.catholicninjas.org/superfuntime || <aminorex> nonsense. Denmark could *easy* have produced Roxette. || <kherr> DragonFax: Everything I know I learned in video arcades.

12", 15", and 17" Powerbooks

sateh: towers^H^H^H^H^Hpowerbooks of hanoi

Stop logging things chump. I hate it when I give you urls accidentally!




seti: 48418 given as a choice cut of bash.org humour: a prime example of "When presented with a stupid question, give a stupid answer"
lemonodor: i believe uke when he says there's funny stuff in bash.org, but... that's not really funny.
seti: not even remotely, no. though the jwz quote had something for it


Hiker amputates own arm with pocket knife

AaronSw's latest weblog entry

seti: slightly troubling
deltab: permalink: Escaping the Trunk

Leisure Town: Self Contained

Iraqi Information Minister, on policy based routing.

Mutiny: "The American packets will die at thehands of our brave access-lists"

Minnesota Concealed Carry Reform, NOW! (CCRN!)

Mutiny: is that a pistol in your pants or are you just happy to see me? oh... it's a pistol.

Jarrett's Blood Splatter Photoshop Tutorial

The Slate Programming Language

dnm: \ dnm hacks on this, very occasionally.

Timboy tidbits | Lisp advocates

malaclyps: yeah, if Paul Graham was at my highschool, I'd still beat him up

PlayaInfo Blog for Burning Man 2003

nym: Lots of mapping stuff going on here

InfoGargoyle - hi tech information gathering

Nym's Blog

nym: Lots of pictures :)

NewsMonster on Reuters!

burtonator: Kevin Burton of San Francisco is putting the finishing touches on software that ranks the most popular readings of friends and colleagues on the Web. He plans to finish what he's calling NewsMonster (http://www.newsmonster.org) within weeks.
burtonator: lame that they didn't put an <a> link for me
A_Young: Heh even with a head-start burtonator can't get first post ;)
A_Young: "'Everyone here is talking about how they can hook my doodly up to your what's-it,' said Rael Dornfest"

Bush greeted on USS Abraham Lincoln by Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

deltab: photo: Bush greeted on USS Abraham Lincoln by Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
burtonator: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers greeted by Bush on USS Abraham Lincoln
burtonator: the funny thing is that 95% of Bush supporters are also fans of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
A_Young: I'm not convinced by this photo .. that doesn't even look like Bush

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