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I this chanal has been haXvck0ed with VICTORY by Team Supar Hackars Numbar 1 #USA!!! || drink some sqeeze (aka sterno) to keep yourself safe from SARS



lemonodor: the worms survived.
silentfury: Team17 (team17.com) reports that all worms survived.. more or less.
Mutiny: but what they don't tell you is that the worms came back superintelligent, and they were the ones who destroyed the shuttle.
A_Young: "'What's surprising is it appears these mice are able to recognise something in common to all cancer cell lines'"
A_Young: ".. white blood cells called T-cells - were not employed. Instead .. cells like neutrophils and macrophages, attacked the tumour cells and ruptured them. Previous mice bred so that their immune systems could beat cancer went on the develop autoimmune diseases, but that did not happen with these mice."

Wired Apr. 30, 2003 -- Smut Trading Outstrips Tune Swaps

A_Young: "Kazaa and company are increasingly trafficking in dirty video clips. And until Apple starts offering up Christy Canyon downloads, the swapping services can sleep easy."
A_Young: ".. While Apple is offering downloads for 99 cents a pop, file traders don't have to pay for the songs at all."

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