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I this chanal has been haXvck0ed with VICTORY by Team Supar Hackars Numbar 1 #USA!!!

"Real Doll" for sale - $4000

burtonator: She's still a virgin due to delicate libido, was unable to rise to the occasion.


lemonodor: "please change your site so that the web is more egalitarian."


Ash: Watch out, it's addictive

this site rules


seti: wtf? jwz on irc?
Ash: Yes, irc.dnalounge.com
Ash: (among other places)
seti: k thx
crysflame: dnalounge rules, even for $15




A_Young: Some code they found in the Torah a few years back .. seems it's existence is scientifically extremely unlikely to occur .. but some prat wrote a book about it claiming he could now predict the future
A_Young: They had 5 copies (at the bookshop) .. i shoulda known
A_Young: <Mutiny> If you want to see some really good work on the mathematical underpinnings of the torah (no claim to predict the future made) check out the meru foundation http://www.meru.org/ I suggest you get Geometric Metaphores of Life. Amazing video.
A_Young: I am currently in the process of annotating this book, anyone who wants an annotated copy of The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin, let me know, cost me AU$15 .. may consider offers for less ;)
A_Young: As an alternative to purchasing this book, I recommend watching 'The Matrix' starring Keanu Reeves


A_Young: posted by lemonodor


A_Young: posted by Morbus

All patriots must register

A_Young: posted by uke

Unused audio commentary by howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky recorded Summer 2002 for The Fellowship of the Ring

A_Young: Was this in chump before I killed it?
A_Young: "Zinn: Of course. 'The world has changed.' I would argue that the main thing one learns when one watches this film is that the world hasn't changed. Not at all."
A_Young: ".. There are at least 19 rings floating around out there in Middle Earth, and yet Sauron's ring is supposedly so terrible that no one can be allowed to wield it. Why?"
A_Young: ".. Who is producing this tale? What is their agenda? What are their interests and how are those interests being served by this portrayal? Questions we need to ask repeatedly."
A_Young: <seti> One cannot ask those questions too repeatedly!
Ash: Zinn: It's on fire. Somehow being an on-fire eye is this terrible thing in the minds of those in Middle Earth. I think this is a way of telling others in Middle Earth to be ashamed of their eyes.
A_Young: posted by Ash
Ash: Chomsky: But without the pipe-weed, Middle Earth would fall apart. Saruman is trying to break up Gandalf's pipe-weed ring. He's trying to divert it.
Ash: Chomsky: But we will address that later. Here we have Pippin and Merry stealing a bunch of fireworks and setting them off. This might be closer to the true heart of the Hobbits.
Ash: Zinn: You mean the Hobbits' natural inclination?
Ash: Chomsky: I think the Hobbits are criminals, essentially.
Ash: That is what Strider, the ranger with multiple names, calls Sauron. A ranger. I believe today we call them serial killers.

Peep Research


jillium: In my case, this is redundant.

Woah.. that is supposed to be a woman

Ash: bizarre



A_Young: This is the new A:. The old A is the new C:. You are number 6.
A_Young: "The information, said in the files to have come partly from "friends of Iraq" at the French foreign ministry (search), kept Saddam abreast of every development in American planning.." WTF were the americans doing telling 'every detail' of their planning to france?

quick, save the XML file while you still can

seti: damnit, didn't get First Post.


A_Young: This is a test. Test. testestestestestestest
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