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Emerging Man was awesome...We partied with Rick Moen, so a new level of completeness has been achieved. || <A_Young> zoyd - i am not an entomolgist, but ..


Schuyler: Judge rules P2P file sharing services not liable for copyright infringement


A_Young: Canonical home of the Extended Window Manager Hints (EWMH) spec
A_Young: "..defines interactions between window managers, applications, and the utilities that form part of a desktop environment. It builds on the Inter-Client Communication Conventions Manual [ICCCM], .. The GNOME and KDE desktop projects originally developed their own extensions to the ICCCM to support these features; this spec replaces those custom extensions with a standardized set of ICCCM additions that any desktop environment can ado
A_Young: In fact it's a very boring document and very limited in scope .. basically just about managing desktops rather than in-app or inter-app stuff
A_Young: but there are lots of other docs on the site which together provide a more comprehensive environment spec
A_Young: for lemonodor check out http://www.freedesktop.org/standards/clipboards.txt



sateh: Nice SFTP/FTP/SCP frontend
sateh: For OS X



lemonodor: follow up to previously chumped description of the rice pudding restuarant in new york.
lemonodor: this episode contains star sightings, and star fighting.
lemonodor: (last paragraph)

The Tao Of Programming (Translated by Geoffrey James)

A_Young: See also author's comments
A_Young: See also The Tao of shameless book marketing
A_Young: "The Tao gave birth to machine language. Machine language gave birth to the assembler. The assembler gave birth to the compiler. Now there are ten thousand languages. Each language has its purpose, however humble. Each language expresses the Yin and Yang of software. Each language has its place within the Tao. But do not program in COBOL if you can avoid it."
A_Young: If you don't know the real Tao Te Ching, you will probably need to grok an online copy first to get the joke 100%



A_Young: <zoyd> lemonodor: what happens if a particular class of ants die suddenly?

Why the music publishing industry is in a decline, and haven't got the intelligence to pull themselves anywhere near out of it.

rik: u/p cipherpunkz/cipherpunkz or nytimes0a/nytimes0a
rik: "Here's a busniess model with a future: sue your customers."

route around folks

urgyen: Make new TLD in a new "galaxy"



Hosting service.

rik: and a silly one, at that.



malaclyps: C00l! Chomsky is on IRC!!!!
cryptomail: <chomsky> WTF is a g1bs0n?
cryptomail: <chomsky> what kind of culture is breeding in here?
A_Young: ".. four 15-minute segments (for a total of eight files). The digital audio format is MP3 and each file is approximately 13MB.. " don't these peeps know how to set compression to 'voice'?
A_Young: Audio now offline apparently

$275 - Female students only: share with me (all ready furnished)

burtonator: if not, please refrain from passing any judgment, for I am a catholic and I get absolved every Sunday.
malaclyps: how do you pronounce "walking on the wilde sideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?"
Mutiny: I imagine this being the pilot to a wacky sitcom staring burtonator. he dresses up as a dress so he can move in with the female student to get cheap rent, and falls hopelessly in love with her. hilarity ensues.
burtonator: also staring - Tom Hanks!

Shibuya Crossing - Highest mobile phone density

burtonator: The Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan has the highest mobile phone density in the world. On weekdays average 190,000 and on weekends average 250,000 people pass this crossing per day (Source: CCC, Tsutaya), around 1500 people traverse at each light change, while 80% of them carry a mobile phone.

Jeff Bezos hired rocket scientists, Neal Stephenson to get into space somehow.

crysflame: "Blue Operations LLC" and "Blue Origin" have 0 hits on fuckedcompany.
lemonodor: wmf: "OK, so who's not working on the X Prize?"
crysflame: crysflame:someone else
crysflame: his goal is not to capture the X Prize but to ³investigate our capability to do manned space flight in an affordable and efficient way without any government help.²
A_Young: Oh shit John Carmack is involved in this too ... look out we may be invaded by death-loving zombies from another dimension

Dial Up the Great Mouse Button Debate: Apple Applies for Rotary Mouse Patent

kherr: Funky, a one-button mouse with an iPod-style wheel.
crysflame: the ipod's control is a rotary mouse
kherr: Another Apple patent application shows rotary scroll device on keyboard

Internet pioneer discourages legislation to curb spam

kherr: Vinton Cerf favors technological solutions to spam-filtering over legislative approaches.

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