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Emerging Man was awesome...We partied with Rick Moen, so a new level of completeness has been achieved.


United Nations Cyberschoolbus -- InfoNation

A_Young: "1. Choose up to five countries 2. Compare country data"
A_Young: "Use Country-at-a-Glance to see information profiles of individual countries."


lemonodor: "chaplains at war"

Bush vs. Hollywood

kherr: In the 1980s Dubya helped finance a bunch of R-rated movies, including slasher flicks.

music :electric 6 - gay bar (video)

Camel Toe Haiku

druework: What's a camel toe? / A slice of pie on both sides. / Fabric in between.

Bionic Voles

jillzilla: Well, okay, radio-fitted voles.
jillzilla: very cute picture

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