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You got the power-up and won the game! *** GAME OVER ***

Sweetwater post-natal abortion clinic

Ash: Sometimes a mother gives birth only to discover -- sometimes immediately, sometimes much later -- that she has made a mistake. A post-natal abortion is simply the clean, efficient disposal of that "mistake". We at the Sweetwater Post-Natal Abortion Clinic believe this is a deeply personal choice that every mother has the right to make. Our message to mothers: it's not too late to change your mind!

Newest EFF Staff Attorney

GabeW: Friend of Gabe

Boston Cyber Arts Festival

dogcow: <girl> Yes, I'm a Cyber Artist- I run amandacam.com!


A_Young: Gory guts in Doom3
A_Young: ""


Judge: File-swapping tools are legal | CNET News.com

Mutiny: OWNED

Systems Software Research is Irrelevent by Rob Pike

A_Young: Heh .. by a guy that worked on Plan9
A_Young: ".. Linux's success may indeed be the single strongest argument for my thesis .."
A_Young: Link is to postscript file .. some users may prefer PDF


lemonodor: somewhat depressing discussion of innovative software from the 60s
lemonodor: "They accomplished this because they REALLY WANTED IT. They wouldn't setllte for any response that was more than sub-second. Today's users will settle for much much less -- less interesting."

Interview with some MS kernel hax0r d00d

A_Young: ".. a half, two years ago we were looking at the constant problems we were having with security and hacks. The level of maliciousness of the hacks was getting frightening. We stopped all other work."
A_Young: damn. what are we gonna do if these guys come out with a viable product someday?
A_Young: "One person I have working for me actually used to be a hacker.." LOL
A_Young: What happened to him?! oh .. he went to work for M$
A_Young: ".. We will have a command line-only version, but whether it'll have all the features in is another matter."
dogcow: He mentions a moment later that they use the GDI for lots of things other than just displaying on the screen

Unix Haters Handbook, complete!

dogcow: Missing UNIX Barf Bag :-(
seti: Nothing wrong with re-chumping old stuff, now, is there?
seti: We have an archive for these occasions (and burtonator, run XSLT over them from cron, will you?)
dogcow: Yeah, if the archives were HUMAN READABLE
dogcow: or SEARCHABLE
Mutiny: To Ken and Dennis, without whom this book would not have been possible.
A_Young: This is 3.5MB .. I hope once I've read it I'll understand unix! ;)
seti: On a level deeper than you can possibly imagine

Student, 14, Fatally Shoots Principal, Himself in Pa.

seti: I watched a Michael Moore documentary yesterday evening...

Bush: Iraq May Have Destroyed Weapons

seti: The BS is steaming off this page.
seti: What we've got here is... marketing in action. What sheep will believe this twist of the truth? - Besides the American public, that is.


skimpIzu: one of the best photoshops ive seeen
skimpIzu: makes fun of the googlie image
skimpIzu: the tourettes one is fucking god


DragonFax: "You can do anything at zombo.com, anything. The only limit is yourself."
skimpIzu: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://zombo.com

How to make the new Honda Accord advert

rik: Also google for "Honda ad quicktime" for a version, or ring Honda UK on +44 845 200 8000 and they'll send you a free DVD with the advet, the music and a "making of" documentary

an intelligent response

aminorex: I particularly like the way they are groping their breasts

Blair's secret war meetings with Clinton

kherr: Apparently Blair turned to Clinton for diplomatic advice before the Iraq War, knowing how incompetent the neocons are.

Infidels.. may I have your attention please?

Ash: Will the real Hussein please stand up?
Ash: Osama's down with this, Osama's down with that, and if he's lucky he might get weapons from iraq
nym: eh, it was good until it got chickenhawkish at the end with a soldier who shoots hussein
Ash: Yes, that sucked. :-(
nym: the rest was pretty funny

Request access to Content DNS servers

Emerging Man

jillzilla: HA
druework: http://www.commonhouse.net/wiki/emergingman/PartyAtTheEnd


druework: "Fastfood giants Pizza Hut and Burger King have set up their first franchises inside war-torn Iraq, even as many aid convoys waited on the borders for the war to officially end. The arrival of the two restaurants - sited inside giant trailers on a British military base near Basra - won a rapturous welcome from soldiers, whose limited range of rations lost their appeal many weeks ago."

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