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Ash: escape DragonFax: Any Key Roderick: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-KILL

A dose of truth...

seti: damn brilliant
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DragonFax: You could probably do the entire works of shakespear in domain names or aol screen names by now.

Your Own World USA, April 3, 2002-- Could Ground Zero in NY Become a DU Nightmare?

A_Young: Was WTC a dirty-bomb, and if so, was boeing the source? Beoing denies use of DU counterweights in 757 and 767 planes (the type which crashed)
nym: (DU == depleated uranium)
Ash: (DU == Developer Underground)
A_Young: Try also http://www.thepowerhour.com/postings-four/health-risks-of-using-depleted-uranium.htm
seti: For reference, a lot of people claimed they had gotten ill after a Boeing crashed into a residential apartment high-rise in Amsterdam on 4 Oct 1992. The government claims radiation levels were monitored and found perfectly normal, conspiracy theorists claim depleted uranium was used in the cone of that El Al Boeing 747.
Ash: Boeing 747 == GIANT DU BULLET
seti: It's a bullet alright if it crashes into a pretty densely populated area. :/ (google for Bijlmerramp

Associated Press, 4/24/2003 -- World's first hydrogen service station opens in Iceland

A_Young: weeeeeeeeeee!
A_Young: "Iceland was chosen for the project in part because of its history of using alternative fuel, and 90 percent of its electricity is from geothermal springs or hydropower. That means the electricity needed to make the hydrogen can be produced cleanly and in Iceland."
A_Young: Fuel cells being used

Independent, 23 February 2003 -- Inside Iraq - The Tragedy of a People Betrayed

A_Young: News flash! US already engaged in nuclear warfare with Iraq
A_Young: "'I have studied what happened in Hiroshima. It is almost exactly the same here; we have an increased percentage of congenital malformation an increase of malignancy, leukaemia, brain tumours: the same.'",
A_Young: "Under the economic embargo imposed by the United Nations Security Council, now in its 14th year, Iraq is denied equipment and expertise to decontaminate its battlefields from the 1991 Gulf War."
A_Young: "Professor Doug Rokke, the US Army physicist responsible for cleaning up Kuwait, told me: "I am like many people in southern Iraq. I have 5,000 times the recommended level of radiation in my body. Most of my team are now dead." empahasis added
lemonodor: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs257/en/ -- WHO on depleted uranium.
A_Young: Hopefully some poor f*cks from the US are gettin' busy cleaning up this mess .. that's the idea isn't it? end the sanctions, rebuild the infrastructure .. jus tlike in Afghanistan, right?
A_Young: <A_Young> shocked and awed
seti: apart from uranium being radioactive, it's a heavy metal that's highly poisonous to our bodies too... explains a lot of "Gulf war sicknesses" that so many US troops came back with.
A_Young: "Through the glass doors of the Baghdad offices of Unicef you can read the following mission statement: 'Above all, survival, hope, development, respect, dignity, equality and justice for women and children.'" .. and above the gate to Auschwitz I the German national motto "Arbeit Macht Frei"
nym: for those who don't read german, that means, "All your base are belong to us"
A_Young: Sorry .. "Through labour, liberty"
nym: gotya.. i could have babled that though

Whirlpool 12 Apr 2003 -- U.S. gives blessing to powerline broadband

A_Young: According to a linked page http://www.spower.com.sg/spt/faq.htm "The transmission speed of the PLC equipment for the commercial product utilized for the Technology Trial could reach 2.25Mbps. With the latest PLC chip developed by DS2, overall maximum speed can reach up to 45Mbps, i.e. 27 Mbps downstream and 18 Mbps upstream, which is now being utilized for the Market Trial."

Administration moves ahead on nuclear `bunker busters'

^matthew: Article describes a decision to design and build a 'bunker buster' nuclear bomb. Preliminary work should be done in 2005/06.
A_Young: "If a hydrogen bomb can be successfully designed to survive a crash through hard rock or concrete and still explode, 'It will ultimately get fielded,' [Fred] Celec [deputy assistant to the secretary of defense for nuclear matters] said in an interview with the Mercury News."
A_Young: ".. According to a variety of participants, impetus for a renewed interest in battlefield nuclear weapons comes primarily from civilian Pentagon officials such as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his second-in-command, Paul Wolfowitz, rather than uniformed generals and admirals."
A_Young: ".. seven countries -- China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Libya and Syria -- reportedly were listed as possible targets of U.S weapons in the classified Nuclear Posture Review, a 2001 Pentagon document describing Bush administration policy."
A_Young: ".. once a nuclear weapon has been used, the enemy may retaliate with any weapons of mass destruction it still possesses .." <-- this is to do with the legalities of nuclear warfare

Whirlpool 24 Apr 2003 -- Disappointment for RIM victims

A_Young: "Telstra admitted that its Mini-MUX trial in Gungahlin (ACT) would only resolve the problem for about 40% of customers. The remaining 60% of RIMs were not physically big enough to accommodate the upgrade. ... Across Australia over 800,000 customers are unable to receive ADSL because of these RIMs."

FramerD, an object database

dnm: \ Written in ANSI C with Java and Common Lisp bindings, along with a Scheme based scripting language.

Topless mermaid wins settlements from NYC

The final, desperate dreams of snowmen

Dog hit, shot, frozen--and lives

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