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do coders ever loose their muse? || <loan spam> Subject: RATES ARE DROPPING!! <deltab> No, interest is already zero. *plonk* || the ultimate in blog meat

Purring Kitty. An app for your cell phone.

Mutiny: WARNING: poonany may cause premature malfunction of your cell phone
coderman: "im not supposed to get it wet?"

Hussein's brother, Poirot, captured

Taral: Nah, Poirot had far more cultured an appearance.
DragonFax: "Saddam's third paternal cousin, twice removed... CAPTURED!"
gps: "abuser of chump... CAPTURED!"



gps: time traveller makes a killing in the stock market


gps: a toy gun blinded a kid because it shot a frog into his face
gps: what's sad is that the "frog" (potato) gun was purchased on the net. aren't those supposed to be homemade? sheesh.
gps: "I never thought any toy a child could order would wound my child like that." - says the stupid mom
Mutiny: Dumb kid learns and important lesson... Moral of the story; don't look down the barrel of a gun.

skimpIzu: gui that resizes well
skimpIzu: ion window manager
dopp: http://modeemi.cs.tut.fi/~tuomov/ion/
skimpIzu: #ion on irc.freenode.net

AccordionGuy versus the Gangbhangras

lemonodor: nice.


dopp: This might help you understand fortyhex ;)


gps: as if we didn't already know the press was fake



lemonodor: one page illustrated history/survey of semantic nets
Ash: There is no masturbation on this page. :-(
lemonodor: This page also lacks accounts of anal rape by alien alligators.
Ash: Crap, no tenticle porn either.
Ash: What kind of shit link are you posting?!

The Seventh Annual Masturbate-a-Thon Fundraiser

Elephants rescue captured antelopes.

burtonator: I for one welcome our new elephant overloards!
crysflame: More specifically, the elephants set up a defense perimeter, picked the security gate lock, and took back some prisoners of war.

Hostels in San Francisco that my poor ass might be living in


'And for all the psycho-yahoo's out there who think this might be a recreational drug, I leave you with this account of one of the test subjects: "Ken experienced anal rape by alien alligators, and dropped out after his high dose."'

coderman: oh man, DMT like is a +++!!!
coderman: whats really fun is smoking some DET with a high temperature vaporizer. tastes like burning plastic, but dont worry, you wont be you for much longer!!!


malaclyps: I still think this was a good idea. I think.


DragonFax: Ok you guys gotta stop posting friendster links. Can't you just mail them to each other or something, you are all 'friendsters' of each other aren't you?
seti: another easy solution would be for you to get a friendster login.
Emmett: If all of your friendster buddies jumped off of a cliff...
nym: 116 friends... can you say friendster-slut?
Emmett: I bet she hit that 256-user limit on her 'Buddy List,' too.


the very first friendster bulletin post

coderman: see that little id=XXXXX thing? change at will, some people outside your social group post weird shit!
coderman: actually, i think there were lots of others, but the early database appears to have lots of holes. hmm, bugs?
coderman: <lemonodor> the posts are a river of crap
coderman: its like slashdot, without the small amount of technical information that make it remotely tolerable! ;-)


Keeping Track of the Brown Shirts

kherr: A rundown of stories on attacks against Bush dissenters.
A_Young: Several dead links already .. newspapers take their pages down pretty quickly ..

Syria countermoves, scores against US

kherr: Real link
kherr: Syria introduced to the UNSC a resolution to eliminate all WMDs
A_Young: The link from this article to the one at Reuters appears to be incorrect.
A_Young: Try Gulf News sourcing from SBS

Woman sues for religious harassment

kherr: She was fired because it was "God's Will" for having bipolar disorder. The put scriptures in her paychecks.
kherr: Is this America or Iran under the Ayatollah?

Taral's mail parsing/generating package for Python


brewtus: watch those hands
cryptomail: ahhh, that's where singapore got their beating idea

All about journaling file systems, B-trees, B*trees, B+trees, etc.

kherr: Too bad it doesn't include HFS+, the default file system for Mac OS X TEH GREATEST UNIX EVAH
coderman: what is this MacX you speak of. A Bernie Mac special?

Intersil triples 802.11g data rates

coderman: "Nitro uses prioritisation algorithms and an enhancement of the protection mechanisms built into 802.11g to achieve 3x throughput."
wmf: I don't buy it
Ash: Sweet, is this "Nitro" dangerous?
coderman: yeah, get rid of all that shitty, latency inducing, bandwidth limiting MAC cruft. who needs RTS/CTS?
Ash: If I don't see laptops exploding I won't believe it
coderman: let them find another channel, bitches.

Woman spies for china - nabs FBI, Nortel, etc.

coderman: see also: http://go.openflows.org/article.pl?sid=03/04/12/0843254&mode=thread


coderman: this is not coderman, damnit!


Review of the Israeli/US situation

burtonator: Imagine that you had a fat drunk cousin named Earl living in a trailer park in Louisiana. Would you rather send $250 every month to keep him in beer and pork rinds down there or let him come up and move into your guest room?
burtonator: "Under German law ethnic Germans living in certain other countries (volksdeutsche) have the right to return to Germany and claim citizenship and various welfare benefits. "
burtonator: I am going home!!!!
burtonator: Welcome to za fazaland!

has the onion hacked yahoo?


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