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how to do bad things to pointer-to-member-function pointers

burtonator: isn't all cpp bad cpp?


Ash: USA #1

Homeland security, managed by the people.

crysflame: Reminiscent of the e-sheep comic Spiders


How to mod your Xbox so it can boot Linux without a modchip

Mutiny: I wonder what this has done to the sales of 007: Agent Under Fire
deltab: <Microsoft> gah, you game programmers - why aren't you using a managed language that's immune to buffer overflows, such as C#?

threading in g++. this is targeted towards the 3.0+ release, which is thread safe, but refers to problems with libstdc++-v2 and v3 problems that were present in 2.95 and earlier

coderman: http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc/1999-11n/msg00431.html - what happens when you use threads and STL without the e
coderman: http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/libstdc++/2001-05/msg00384.html - explanations of tricks to try and prevent mixed use of thread safe and unsafe allocators. See also: http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/libstdc++/2001-10/msg00024.html
coderman: http://www.simtec.mb.uni-siegen.de/~haunschild/docu/libstdc++3-doc/faq/#5_6 - "5.6 Is libstdc++-v3 thread-safe?" ANSWER: "Quick answer: no, as of 2.92 (eleventh snapshot), the library is not appropriate for multithreaded access. The string class is MT-safe.".
coderman: http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-glibc/2000-11/msg00033.html - some code showing one of the problems on SMP systems.
coderman: http://gcc.gnu.org/cgi-bin/gnatsweb.pl?cmd=view%20audit-trail&database=gcc&pr=5444 - problem report of similiar problems.
coderman: http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc/1999-11n/msg00431.html - what happens when you use threads and STL without the extremely slow malloc_alloc allocator (wow, my app just got 400% slower!) in 2.95.* and friends.
coderman: when I hit this problem it was only reproducible on SMP architectures. whatever they were using as atomic operations were only "mostly" atomic. I.e., if you were on the same proc, it would be atomic. there were scenarios (i would have to run my app wide open under load for 10s to 100s of minutes before encountering the problem) where two CPU's would modify the ref counter at the same time, causing one thread one spin off to inifinty
coderman: i could never find much documentation about this, and my guess is that A) most people arent doing MT c++ on SMP with extensive use of <string>, and B) the rest of the people who did encounter it, had no idea what was going on.
coderman: one last reason: anyone doing significant amounts of STL work with gcc 2.95 and odler were probably using STLPort :-)
coderman: this also applied to other containers to some degree, however, I only had problems with <string>



Jungian personality type test.

coderman: im an INTP. what are you?


matthew: Just thought I'd put that out there in case they forgot.
coderman: Article 26 - Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children
coderman: nooooo, parents are stupid, dont let them make their kids stupid too
matthew: Ironically, one of our closest diplomatic allies, Saudi Arabia, has refused to ratify the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, because it would require them to stop abusing women.
matthew: And Iran, for the same reason.

ha ha Microsoft

(The Register, 2 days ago) Australian cracker escapes conviction for breakin by claiming it was done for "intellectual pursuit"

coderman: wow, i know where im moving to!
DragonFax: The article's author is clearly biased.


AccordionGuy vindicated. Beware the Captain Crunch Energy Massage

nym: AccordianGuy posted that?
coderman: no, someone else did
nym: and it isn't just a troll?
coderman: AccordionGuy was propositioned for an "energy something something". but we all thought it was an amusing tale. UNTIL THIS!
coderman: (acutally, crunch's inclination towards sexually kneading flesh is well known in certain circles ... )
lemonodor: Nerd!
nym: ah, so Captain Crunch is using "energy something" instead of "healing something"
nym: beware the CrunchBox
nym: also see http://kode-fu.com/shame/2003_04_13_archive.shtml#200154170
crysflame: modded up +1 (Insightful)

Short overview of the weapons used in Iraq. The interesting part is towards the bottom

coderman: One surprise was that the coalition forces managed to capture southern oil fields more or less intact early on in the invasion, one of their key objectives. It had been expected they would be sabotaged.
coderman: US Central Command's director of operations, Major General Gene Renuart, said many of the wellheads had indeed been wired with explosives - but these had not gone off and even if they had done so, the oil pipeline valves had been shut.
coderman: He said that when Iraqi oil workers were interviewed about this, they replied: "We read your leaflets. We heard your broadcasts. We understand that keeping the oil infrastructure was important for our future.
coderman: -- heh, I didn;t think anyone would be reading the leaflets...


A_Young: Washington Post 16 Apr 2003 -- Palestinian Authority Demands U.S. Free Abu Abbas


A_Young: <skimpIzu> bush + dick = screwed


skimpIzu: go please,and help me

Alexandria 2.0

burtonator: The Alexandria library was destroyed by the Romans ... this one was destroyed by ?
A_Young: It's no longer a case so much of who wins the war writes the history books .. now it's who wins the war burns the history books.
A_Young: Is this what the people of Iraq want?
A_Young: " For almost a thousand years, Baghdad was the cultural capital of the Arab world, the most literate population in the Middle East. Genghis Khan's grandson burnt the city in the 13th century and, so it was said, the Tigris river ran black with the ink of books. Yesterday, the black ashes of thousands of ancient documents filled the skies of Iraq. Why?" The erasure of a nations cultural identity.

Boing Boing archives, 2001-11-01 (OpenCola)

crysflame: search for http://boingboing.net/2001_11_01_archive.html
skimpIzu: http://opencola.org/

Interview with Cory Doctorow, founder of OpenCola

crysflame: John Henson's CTO
A_Young: ".. we'd have to buy computers at the square of the rate that we added users. That just didn't seem like a good idea."
A_Young: "Cory:Hah! I don't really manage OpenCola! I have no urge to run a company; principally, I'm a spokesperson for the company. I'm extremely qualified to discuss the company, its vision and products, and I fill in around the edges elsewhere, doing a bit of sysadmin, a bit of product design, a bit of this n' that..."
A_Young: "Metcalfe observed that a network's utility increases with the square of its popularity.. The problem is that in client-server, a network's availibility decreases as a function of its popularity.. in well-designed P2P networks every user adds the resource that they consume and then some -- the more popular/useful a network is, the more powerful it becomes."
crysflame: If each user contributes a bit of compression to the file, it can be compressed by the hordes as they downloading, making it smaller and smaller.
A_Young: "I think there'll likely be a serious crisis in the ISP business -- these businesses increased their usership by selling unlimited accounts, and made them profitable by predicting that most users won't be using all their bandwidth, all the time. In P2P, this may well be the case! It's gonna really screw up some ISPs. " shh nobody tell them ..
crysflame: Cory's no longer involved, works with the EFF now.



Boob shirts at Mardi Gras. Fun for the whole family.


JVC KD-SX990 car stereo

kherr: Plays MP3/CD-R/CD-RW, but best of all has front MP3 input for your iPod.

Your DnD character

Area Man Supports The Troops He Didn't Go To High School With

Ash: "Once, he head-butted me so hard, I couldn't hear for an hour. Fucking asshole. Yeah, I'm really praying for his safe return."

Downloaders' delight: But don't blame the web for music's plight

kherr: "[T]he biggest reason [for declining sales] may be the Luddite attitude of the handful of companies that dominate the industry."
Ash: Mmmm, pistol whip... drool
kherr: Also The Lowdown on Downloads

Budget woes make Oregon a hotbed for teacher 'poaching'

coderman: working hard to reclaim the "ignorant farmer hick" image
coderman: dumbing down the population is step 1...

CHICAGO?The 15-billion-year-old universe came to a surprise-twist end Friday, when God woke up next to actress Suzanne Pleshette. "What a crazy dream I just had," God said to Pleshette at the conclusion of the popular, long-running universe.

DragonFax: "I was the Creator of all things, I had this crazy Son who was always getting arrested and wouldn't get a haircut, and My children were always hurting and killing each other in My name." Pleshette reassured God that He had imagined the whole thing and urged the beleaguered, well-intentioned deity to go back to sleep.

lysistrata fatwa nets swag

Are All Women Nutso?

druework: ...or just the ones I cheat on my wife with?
DragonFax: "Still, no matter how sweetly I say, "You are so much sexier than my wife," they just flip out."
coderman: "You know what they say: It's the quiet ones who always go the craziest when you're fucking them behind your wife's back."

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