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satanists.. crunchy, even in milk!

Symbolics Genera Concepts

Ash: crunchy, even in milk

Lighted Fuzzy Dice

druework: "Please check your local and state authorities for the use of LiteGlow Lighted Hanging Dice."


Tea-bagging. Just say no.


Ry4an: What god uses to backup the earth

Via introduces new DVR-targeted motherboard/system

coderman: i wonder if those boards come with the hardware entropy on the C3 proc. :: http://www.via.com.tw/en/viac3/padlockfaq.jsp
coderman: 50Mbps of quality randomness would make key generation muccccch faster :-)
seti: coderman's URL: http://www.via.com.tw/en/viac3/padlockfaq.jsp

Someone notify Joey, john draper is on ask /.!

coderman: "do you have ulterior motives when seeking back rubs from man humans?


A_Young: Dictionary of new (English) words and phrases


A_Young: "Simply register and you are assigned a unique web address (URL). Once you attach this URL to your digital content, others can recognize you with reputation points and or financial contributions. "
A_Young: (I found this linked on freenode's page)
burtonator: This is a rating system not a reputation system


lemonodor: it was not faked
lemonodor: took 606 takes
DragonFax: mirror

Buy My Books

Every time you enforce the DMCA, god kills a kitten


coderman: The copyright cops strike again -- Two researchers at a computer security conference are served cease-and-desist orders moments before they're scheduled to speak.
DragonFax: Incomplete article due to salon lameness
burtonator: I think we should resort to republican rhetoric and call these lawyers "terrorists"
burtonator: Everyone hates terrorists
burtonator: If you don't oppose the DMCA the terrorists win!
Ash: I, for one, welcome our new terrorist lawyer overlords
burtonator: Everytime you enforce the DMCA - god kills a kitten!

Every workday should include a nap, sleep experts say

coderman: and sex ...
kherr: Finland has an official sex holiday

Law and Order: Private Justice Squad

kherr: Rent-a-cop company involved in sex slavery in Bosnia is going to provide "law and order" in Iraq.
kherr: What a surprise, the company is based in Texas.

The 69/8 problem

wmf: sounds like something burtonator would be interested in
burtonator: ha ha ha


lemonodor: "A 100-ton mech is the ultimate fishing machine."
uberfunk: mmm, capture the bass

Chocolate Strong Enough To Give A Buzz

LED light bulbs would be sweet

Wired 11.05 UNWIRED: Palm Pulls the Plugs

Yard Scope for Sale

druework: a small telescope for your yard...
coderman: see also http://www.astroworks.com/ for small backyard telescopes

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