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coderman: i regret posting this even now. but i had to read, so you do too. ahaha. see, you cant resist. you CLICKED IT DIDNT YOU?

folding bike for sale! (of interest only to jillzilla)

nym: yay bikes
jillzilla: I sent this person email and now am checking my email every 1.5 minutes.

Online Dating Translation Phrasebook

Masked Wrestler Wins Japan Assembly Seat

Mutiny: At first I think "this is fucked," and then I remember Jesse Ventura.
lanrover: <Great_Sasuke> I will accept the challenge of violently reform this welfare bill with my superabundant power!

Wrongful death lawsuit alleges that rapper ate the lung of friend's girlfriend to hone his ganster image

coderman: man, this story is just weird.
Mutiny: Poor Tynisha
Mutiny: If he doesn't get the death penalty he's going to go platinum.
lanrover: Getting pounded in the ass by a large, hairy nazi will also do wonders for his gangster image.
Mutiny: <Suge> God damn it!


lanrover: l33t3r
coderman: placement new is even more fun than the cruft I had to wade through to get type safe callbacks working with static and member functions: http://cubicmetercrystal.com/alpine/gen_html/base/AppUtils/AppCallback.h.html
coderman: Atten C++ coders: Please exit towards Python on your right.
lanrover: /me is going to write a callback based asynchronous allocation system.
coderman: If you think that shit is ugly now, try debugging these things in gdb with all of the STL symbols expanded...

Roaming extroverted social feral robot dogs

crysflame: Take ten memes and mix 'em round, this is what I came up with.

Intelligent pager-nametags.

crysflame: It's like carrying around a bluetooth auto-compatibility checker.

Predict the 2003 World Series Trophy winner with your Playstation 2

crysflame: "Since we wanted the console to do all the work, we took control of the defending champion Anaheim Angels but let the computer run each game on its own, so we could get as objective of a result as possible."

Feral [swarming] robodogs

crysflame: "The primary behavior of each individual dog is the drive to locate a material that effects their specific sensor."


A_Young: Just the purdyest photos I have ever seen


A_Young: Sh!tloads of art
A_Young: ie famous artists

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all you shack...

Sadam's choice in art


Poverty, religion, old-world tactics curb Arab armies

The News We Kept to Ourselves

kherr: Where a CNN chief news executive admits not reporting the truth to preserve access.
kherr: Any doubts truths about Dubya's gang go unreported to preserve access to the White House?

Hopping mines "will kill as no mines have killed before"

Israel-made battery found in computer

kherr: Old Apple G4 model had Israel-made battery, people in Bahrain not pleased.
kherr: People just need to grow up and quit with the petty crap.



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