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A_Young wants perl that 'just works' (its called python) || any guesses what happened to Salam Pax?

Beginning the political preparations for invading Syria


wmf: you gotta love a con that has Donald Becker talking about supercomputing and another talk about camgirls

Looters strip Iraqi National Museum of its antiquities

A_Young: "'They have looted or destroyed 170,000 items of antiquity dating back thousands of years,' she said. 'They were worth billions of dollars.'"
A_Young: "'The losses will be felt worldwide, but its greatest impact will be on the Iraqi people themselves when it comes to rebuilding their sense of national identity.'"
A_Young: "'They protect oil ministries but not the cultural heritage.'"


A_Young: "Anyone who feeds a terrorist is a terrorist." .. "And we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism." -- George W. Bush
A_Young: "16 November 2002 around 12,000 people traveled to Fort Benning, Georgia, to participate in the 12th annual protest against the continuing existence of the School of the Americas .. in 1996 the Pentagon was finally forced to make public the training materials used at the School to teach soldiers methods of torture and execution."
A_Young: There's a website dedicated to watching the School of America
A_Young: btw the ANC was listed as a terrorist organisation by the US, while Osama and friends were referred to as 'freedom fighters'

NI 10-12-02 -- The Gloucestershire Weapons Inspectors are coming!!!

A_Young: In fact this link is the current program
A_Young: And this
A_Young: "'At our first inspection attempt at Fairford there were just 20 citizen inspectors ? that was on 31 October 2002. We were refused entry, but said we?d be back. On 14 December we were back with over 500 citizen inspectors and staged a very inspiring demonstration. Once again refused entry, we pledged to return.'"


A_Young: Thursday -- At least 1 000 people have been killed in ethnic violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
A_Young: "The war in the Democratic Repulbic of Congo, the former Zaire, broke out in 1998, one year after the fall of revlied dictator Mobuto Seke Seso. It has claimed around 2,5-million lives, either directly or through disease or starvation." .. all the same, unless they've got oil or something, I can't foresee a Coalition of the Willing bursting in there to sort it all out (TM) and put everything right (TM)
A_Young: Oh fuck me .. they already did (1964)
A_Young: That was a year before Mobutu Seseseko, widely regarded as a brutal repressive dictator made it into power etc



burtonator: "The original word processor for the IBM PC, EasyWriter, was written in prison by one John Draper. Draper is better known as the legendary phone phreak Captain Crunch, nowadays a security consultant, and his 'black box' pranks provided the inspiration for Steves Wozniak and Jobs, and other members of the Home Brew Computer Club. (EasyWriter had debuted on the Apple II, and owed its name to the Hopper/Fonda road movie)."
burtonator: Writing software in PRISON! Might become more and more popular with the DMCA

On the origins of serial communications and data encoding

kherr: Bottom of page explains the origins of ASCII



skimpIzu: HOT WIFE

The Temperature of Mars

kherr: Mars Pathfinder weather data

NEO - KaZaA for Mac OS X

kherr: This is a KaZaA "shadow client" that brute-forces locating KaZaA nodes

Commercial Music: Mitsubishi Endeavor

kherr: Band called Overseer, who seem to have done lots of stuff, like music for Grand Turismo 3.


H. P. Lovecraft Tarot Deck

kherr: Drive someone insane while giving them a tarot reading!
kherr: Here's its real home http://www.facade.com/tarot/lovecraft/

The other kind of terrorism

kherr: What happened to the anthrax killer? It seems likely it was domestic.
kherr: Would the Feds be dragging their feet if it had been mailed to Trent Lott instead of Tom Daschle?

"New Girl". Nuthin' but trouble.



wmf: looks like the MPAA discovered BitTorrent:

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