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Gettin' busted for drawin' Ramona Quimby doin' the Principal! (achewood quote from ash "gottacatchemall") || <dopp> When I grow up, I want to be a globally scoped variable. || <A_Young> i want a lobotomy the stress is too much

Neo85 is welcomed to the world of tree files

Ash: (Search for where neo85 joins and read from there)


gps: there, now we don't need to post any more of these. fark 'll do it for us.

Maxim's "World O' Sex"! Woo!

Get your rear in gear with these 10 fat-burning workouts!

matthew: They should sell this on late-night TV as an "Ultimate Ass Workout Video".
matthew: Actually I just like thinking "Ultimate Ass"
Ash: Thanks to matthew for starting out the trend of posting things like these.

Google's first result for "tweezer porn"

Uh oh, Julia Roberts' marriage is over!

gps: use druework's pickuplines from AR

top 10 pick up lines

druework: "I may not be the best looking guy here, but I'm the only guy talking to you."

Ben Afflek and Jennifer Lopez to remake Casablanca

Ash: Shake that booty again, sam


matthew: Wearable computing hits open-to-public market.
matthew: $1499... Maybe next paycheck.




short military analysis of gulf war II

About the Mac OS X 10.2.5 Update

the c47 1|\| the h47.




DragonFax: Another good one.
DragonFax: not war related though, just cat related.
DragonFax: http://www.joke-archive.net/picts/hammered_puss.jpg



sateh: |_iNuX RuL3Z dUd3!
A_Young: Make sure you have amp up LOUD!!!


TheShad: Looting tips
A_Young: Wow .. it's like one comments, one or two replies .. da da da da da "I think it's pretty interesting to see that after the WTC attacks, any article making fun of the event or criticizing the USA was met with 'show some fucking respect dude', 'at least let some time pass', and similar comments." 50-gazillion replies


sateh: Karaoke 101

Boogle.com - Google with quotes (and excellent pictures)

A_Young: "When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before. -- Jacob Riis"
A_Young: For the recursively-minded, try google's cache of boogle.com (at least this one will still be up when the DMCA papers are issued, right ;)


skimpIzu: We're sorry. This Windows Media 9 Series content is only available to be viewed using Internet Explorer
A_Young: Good.





smackthud: Great article on a new way of looking at depression, trauma, and other brain activity... and how to cure it FAST

Australia Australia Australia we love you! Amen

A_Young: cf. a certain famous Hungarian Phrasebook
A_Young: For more information, try Douglas Adams


kherr: Where someone foolishly purchases M$ wireless gear and gets screwed and abused; after exchanging for a real product is happy again.


SMH January 28 2003 -- Piracy not the burning issue in CD sales slide: ARIA

A_Young: "While Australian music sales dropped last year, the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) concedes that online song-swapping and CD burning may not be to blame."
kherr: I blame "products" like Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne. Where's the real music?
Mutiny: ftp://ftp.unixpunx.org
A_Young: ".. the latest games for Playstation II will set you back almost $100.." piracy problem?
A_Young: "According to RIAA's own figures, after constantly increasing the number of new releases through the '90s, new music releases in the US fell by 31 per cent to around 27,000 in 1999." Man, even Moore's law gives out someday!
A_Young: "US-based Forrester Research .. said consumers who frequently download music and burn CDs still buy 36 per cent of all CDs in the US."
A_Young: etc ie the stuff we all know .. so when do they rescind the DMCA?

Conservative constitutional catfight!

kherr: Right-wing activists team up with the left-wing ACLU to bash the PATRIOT Act. The Justice Department is not amused.




We Love the Iraqi Information Minister

kherr: He's really not any more outrageous than Donald "Dr. Strangelove" Rumsfeld


wmf: we don't know what the future will look like, but hopefully it will look like Blade Runner

Siemens SX1

kherr: More than a phone, abandons the phone keypad arrangement and is J2ME-based


Tearing Down the Statue

kherr: Toppling Saddam's statue wasn't exactly what the Pentagon/media want us to believe...
A_Young: oh not MORE lies ... damn
A_Young: I heard they were predominantly kurds .. although I don't remember the source and can't say I believe that or anything much about this crap war

Los Angeles Free Press, 06 Mar 1970 -- Burroughs On Scientology

A_Young: William S. Burroughs: "In view of the fact that my articles and statements on Scientology may have influenced young people to associate themselves with the so called Church of Scientology, I feel an obligation to make my present views on the subject quite clear. .. Suppose Newton had founded a Church of Newtonian Physics and refused to show his formula to anyone who doubted the tenets of Newtonian Physics?"
A_Young: Just as crazy as any other burroughs work, I guess ...


A_Young: L.R.Hubbard's final Scientological 'revelation' ".. the historic Jesus was not nearly the sainted figure has been made out to be. In addition to being a lover of young boys and men, he was given to uncontrollable bursts of temper and hatred.. "
A_Young: waited until he was safely dead to let that one fly
matthew: Yeah I heard this rumor about that dude and a fig tree, man, it was not pretty.
A_Young: I think he's also claiming to be the buddha reincarnate in that document too
A_Young: Take heart though: "Things don't just happen, they are caused. And causative beings can undo the plans of madmen and would-be enslavers, no matter how long those plans may have been in the making."
Mutiny: Hubbard also declares himself the anti-christ in this document.

Extra Caffeine Please


A_Young: Someone claiming to be the original author of that Dr Seuss poem about the 'packet hits a socket' blah blah blah ;)
DragonFax: BRILLIANT!!!
A_Young: For most users^H^H^Hreaders this is like an extended remix of the version we've all seen
wmf: good, now Disney knows who to sue

20 questions.

matthew: It's very good at it!
DragonFax: Why on earth would you want a login for this?


A_Young: I'm on top .. or is that bottom? "Desktop Cray brings the ultrafast world of Supercomputing to your Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer... without all the trouble or expense. ... Our Phantom FX 12 Engine with quad programmable Matrix-X Shaders, advanced Voxel Shaders and 3D+ textures brings to life special effects on a metascale."
A_Young: "Adjusted properly, the granularity slider will amaze you with it's results and repay continued manipulations and fine tuning."
A_Young: This product is furthering research in advanced physics topics such as Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle! "The quantum Desktop Cray supercomputer is accelerated so much it'll even distort the time-time continuum."

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