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Gettin' busted for drawin' Ramona Quimby doin' the Principal! | lay off the krack ash

Iraq has a new regime, and that regime is love, baby.


dopp: lickably sweet hardtail

What jillzilla rides


dopp: Tasty hybrid




lemonodor: "His lunatic counterfactual art is more appealing than the banal awfulness of the Reliable Sources."


matthew: You know what's dumb about this program? By the time you're OLD ENOUGH TO USE THE CREDITS, they've expired. Tards.
matthew: Also, physiology is a bitch. You have no idea.


matthew: Repaste, ignore.
Mutiny: Pay no attention to the URL behind the curtain.


matthew: [A]s part of the terms of their surrender, the American poodle army has been brought in chains to Baghdad by the victorious Iraqi people. They are now to be our slaves. First, we make them run the country while Saddam and the leadership take a long and well-deserved vacation. There is much work for them to do, so we make them start immediately. That will teach the infidels to mess with the bravest and most capable army in the Arab world.


MIT Media Lab hits hard times in post boom

Mutiny: "Tear it down!" says jaded Bostonite.

Hoaxster hacker discovers infinite-wealth algorithm

sateh: Minimum investments of $50,000 in the Trendax fund are now being accepted from those eager to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Mutiny: Deep Green? ;)

Smart (the car) upgrade kit

seti: (my employer has a Smart as company car)

Color Vision Deficiency Test

seti: careful though


sateh: Our goal was to fit in a 16KB machine but eventually we required 32KB. That included a 1KB buffer for the screen and more memory for the needs of the system. We also needed to implement a file system for the floppies as well as the firmware to support the drive.


Ry4an: not without flaws, but close enough fo rme


The Eric Eldred Act FAQ

A_Young: proposal: "Fifty years after a copyrighted work was published, a copyright owner would have to pay a tiny tax. That tax could be as low as $1."
A_Young: I'm not really happy with this phrasing: ".. when there is no continuing need or desire to control that work, it should be free for others to build upon however they wish."
A_Young: ... but i guess if that's all the court will allow ... "We estimate that of all the work copyrighted between 1923 and 1942 (the first twenty years affected by the Sonny Bono Act), only 2% has any continuing commercial value."



A_Young: "Although I won, there's one thing that seriously bugs me, and other people. The court ruled that hyperlinks and url's refering to pages that contain infringing material must in themselves be considered to be infringing."
A_Young: See also the relevent entry at xenu.net
A_Young: heh we should do ddos on their lawyers - get everyone in the world to link to the 'infringing' material then when you receive the letter warning you, you stop linking to that one work, and link to a different one :D
A_Young: Just realised that this Fishman is in Netherlands
A_Young: the affidavit itself
coderman: xs4all rules
coderman: i still cant believe some crazy bastard paid $50,000 to read bad hubbard fiction

Intel security interview. someone poorly and severely edited this peice before distribution...

coderman: arg, and they called the FBI without even giving me a heads up. you bastards

Anti-sex toy attorney general nominated by White House to Eleventh Circuit

kherr: Stop the republicans before they remove all personal freedoms


McDonald's USA Wireless Locations

kherr: Buy an extra value meal, get one hour of wi-fi access

Operation Iraqi Trashcan: U.S. Propaganda Leaflets in Iraq

kherr: One free McDonald's McArabia when you buy a second one!
kherr: (McArabia is a real sandwich)
A_Young: "March 6, 2003 -- McDonald's has introduced a new sandwich for Arab customers in the markets of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf ... Bread for the sandwich is currently imported from Britain"


The radioactive boy scout

coderman: Cruising down Pinto Drive, Pease saw half a dozen men crossing her neighbor's lawn. Three, in respirators and white moon suits, were dismantling her next-door neighbor's shed with electric saws, stuffing the pieces into large steel drums emblazoned with radioactive warning signs.
coderman: The cleanup was provoked by the boy next door, David Hahn. He had attempted to build a nuclear reactor in his mother's shed following a Boy Scout merit-badge project.

How Nuclear Bombs Work

coderman: eheheh, I thought the Freedom Force (er, Antiterror Task Force) was taking down all this kind of detailed design information on nuclear weapons! I mean, the terrorist could just LOOK AT THIS SITE AND BUILD A BOMB! Oh noe!!


Mutiny: 0-day barcode exploits
coderman: oh noe! not z3r0 day sploits!!
aminorex: "Shopping is much more enjoyable when you determine the prices."
wmf: for a satire that sure is a slick site

Get paid $7,000 for an advertisement tatoo'd on the back of your head/neck

Mutiny: Been there, done that.
coderman: i wonder how much I could get for a prince albert with a logo on it.
coderman: <Mutiny> Been there, done that too.
Mutiny: coderman does it anyways, might as well get paid for it.

How to adjust the derailers on your bike.

druework: How to adjust the derailers on your bike.
druework: by Sheldon Brown, ultimate bike nerd.

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