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Dont read this paradox or you will unmake the universe!

coderman: you bastard!
coderman: [considered harmful essays considered harmful]
lemonodor: Cliches considered harmful

RFC882 address validation in one huge-ass monster regex

jillzilla: OMFG
coderman: this fucking rules. almost as much as the C compiler written in lisp running inside a perl reg exp engine.
jillzilla: Note that coderman has been smoking heavily and sucking down some serious ecstacy
lemonodor: "Some people, when confronted with a problem, think ``I know, I'll use regular expressions.'' Now they have two problems."
lemonodor: <jillzilla> lemonodor: what do people try to do with them that is too much?
jillzilla: not that there's anything wrong with monsters, mind you
coderman: some people think all regexp's are bad. some people think all goto's are bad. some people are considered harmful.
nym: i heard he i just wish i understood regex


Mutiny: Talk about setting some poor woman up for disappointment


dopp: The most disgusting war picture yet.
dopp: Remember children: DO NOT KISS TEH BUSH
Emmett: It's okay, he's 'doing the alphabet.'
Mutiny: No he's serious. Bush really is his dad.
Emmett: You can tell, he's drunk.

Wired oven keeps food cool

Use algorithms for cheaper ticket prices

coderman: i had this for the TI-85 and it r0x0r3d


Mutiny: License agreement required to use a sun's button to link to them from your website?
seti: From Sun's page: "(2) You may not give away the Button or otherwise provide, in any way, access to the HTML code for the link." How the FUCK are you supposed to put it on your website?! What a bunch of dimwits.


coderman: dont fuck coworkers

See North Korea. See North Korea Hunker. See North Korea Hunker Down.

aminorex: A brilliant new hunkering strategy: Rather than hunkering up, now they hunker down!
seti: IDGI...

Hong Kong will take your breath away

Evangelical Christians plan "spiritual warfare" in Iraq


A_Young: free demo for nvidia owners
A_Young: apparently the free trial is over and nvidia just don't happen to mention that on the site


Hank Wan Memorial Lecture Neal Stephenson

A_Young: webcast lecture from CM uni
A_Young: May 01 Hank Wan Memorial Lecture

An analysis of the RIAA's complaint against Dan Peng '05

A_Young: "He allegedly ran a service called 'wake' that periodically scanned Princeton's Microsoft Windows File Sharing (SMB) network and indexed the names of and sizes of guest-accessible files in a database."
A_Young: Why didn't I hear about this before it got sued :P
A_Young: Google cache of the wake search page
A_Young: An idea of the cultural environment at Princeton is given by this campus news report from Nov 2002

Apr 7 2003 Yahoo News Top Stories Photos (AP)

A_Young: DO NOT CLICK!!! ;)
A_Young: "A protestor, who refused to give her name, bears the wounds after she says was hit by Oakland police weapon during a anti-war protest in Oakland, Calif., Monday, [Apr]. 7, 2003 outside the port area."


Why cats like eating earwax

DragonFax: Very Informative
DragonFax: "also the reason why cats hungrily devour earwax (and also love freshly picked scabs)" YUM! :D
DragonFax: "A cat will eat small lumps of plasticine if they're covered in gravy. Try it - it's non-toxic and you can pepper your cat turds with interesting multicoloured lumps."



matthew: It's Fawn in comic form!
matthew: ...and my response: http://www.somethingpositive.net/sp01152002.html






Attn: crack-addicted mothers --- get paid to get sterilized!

coderman: d00d, wheres my suicide booth for 25 cents?? you fuckers!


Ry4an: almost works in linux http://mimio.com/


jillzilla: The animation of the rowing bike should be seen.


FBI Designing Vast New Database

McDonald's Launches McArabia

kherr: Two all-chicken patties, Arab sauce, lettuce, tomatoes on Arab bread...


Mutiny: Boston tea party one is the best.


druework: 4 out of 5 cocksuckers prefer Seminex http://www.semenex.com/
coderman: 5 out of 5 lucky bastards actually get blowjobs

(Amazon) Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers


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