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matthew: Why Pro Gaming Sucks
matthew: (really)

137 More Oil Wells Liberated for Democracy

druework: "This war is not about oil," Rumsfeld said. "Our decision to intercede against this dictator and not against the dozens of other ruthless dictators in the world is not about oil. France and Russia's opposition to this war is not about the purely coincidental fact that both countries have lucrative, pre-existing oil contracts with Iraq. Furthermore, the interest of many U.S. corporations in the war has nothing to do with oil, either. This war is about l



matthew: wow


PostGIS for PostgreSQL

Mike Hawash still locked in club fed for at least the end of the month

coderman: And they have officially said they are holding him as a material witness, but that is about all they are saying about it.


seti: "Remember that cartoon of Chuck buggering Tux? That appeared 9 months before Gentoo did, right?"


A_Young: "It may be that simple paper `cards' are a viable alternative to currency. A `card' is a small piece of folded paper that fits easily into a wallet. It carries the name and contact information of a person, or organization. On one side is a list of abilities and current activities, on the other, a list of wants and needs. We pass cards around freely."
A_Young: "When one of us finds something they can do for someone, or someone who can do something for them, they contact that person and give or receive help. In most cases, no `exchange' takes place, it is a one-way act of generosity. No one keeps score. Each person simply takes care that her or his own life is balanced. We don't allow ourselves to be exploited."

Nostalgic Small Town Puts Cannabis on Its Flag

Mutiny: The marijuana also helps the cancer victims of Chernobyl, i bet!


Psychedelic Republicans: Political Parody Trading Cards

kherr: And they come radically sealed in colorful polyvinyl diplomatic pouches!


skimpIzu: "Dear 3 Inch Penis, Can I Make It Bigger?"


skimpIzu: "Be afraid of the balls....very afraid"


skimpIzu: Egg Invaders



deltab: Things only outlaws will have if they're outlawed, according to Google: guns, cryptography, landmines, abortions, orgies, Pokemon, blasters [Star Wars], sex with animals, sporks, polygamy, privacy, dynamite, sticks, ping, [x], catapults, soup, clones, suppositories, powers.

Google Sets: man on top, woman on top

Joe Biden Trying to Sneak RAVE Act Past Congress NOW

kherr: Also see The RAVE Act Threatens Musicians, Dancing and Business Owners
kherr: "Congress is considering two pieces of legislation that could effectively ban live music and dancing..."

Dynamic Scoring: Be Careful What You Wish For

kherr: Oops, the GOP's Enron-style voodoo accounting ("dynamic scoring") is now showing the Bush economic plan is total crap


skimpIzu: eh whatever, ted turner's bison on bison action


skimpIzu: How to Cook Whale Meat
skimpIzu: sounds funny, looks great!

Taliban Reviving Structure in Afghanistan

kherr: Bush losing his first war?

Claims and counter claims made during the media war over Iraq

sayke: a wonderful overview of the stories thus far, accompanied by reports about how things panned out

Protesters scale war ship


wmf: this is so wrong

MSNBC and Changing Media Coverage



skimpIzu: http://www.christiangay.com/
skimpIzu: http://www.gaychristian.com/

Bungalow-bug man's big profits

seti: "From the understated dormer bungalow he shared with his mother, Umesh Bharakada produced an array of gadgets usually found in James Bond films."
seti: which broadcast on aviation frequencies in the process.

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