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Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards. -- Benjamin Franklin || Q: Anybody know what the three letter symbol for the new Baghdad Intl Airport is? A: "OIL!"!!!


matthew: Tesla coil

true evil


wmf: oh, did we just kill Cleaner? sorry about that...


wmf: anger as a software design philosophy? now jwz can get back into programming!
wmf: and what about Samuel L. Jackson? you know he would be a great fckfck programmer

one of those instant classics...


lanrover: In the long run, do you think the war with Iraq will increase or decrease the risk of terrorism in the US? 53% say increase.
lanrover: S: Do you support military action to disarm Iraq and remove Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. 59% say yes.
lanrover: wtf?
coderman: Are you a fucking idiot unable to make decisions regarding international affiars and complex repercussions? 95% say YES


YOU MUST PLAY (Tetris, on drugs)


The Pussy Snorkel

Mutiny: Don't go down without it!


skimpIzu: texas relays action, photo-journal style
skimpIzu: IOW people expending energy in interesting ways
skimpIzu: but while writing the scripts to generate the pages I rewriting of files, erased most of the written journalism

Detailed map of Baghdad


dopp: Plan the rest of your life, you prolly don't have much time!
Mutiny: APRIL 7TH 2003 WTF?

Doonesbury comic from July 25, 1980

kherr: Very prophetic...

The Last Word in Swing Threads

kherr: How to do long-running stuff in Swing properly when responding to events.
wmf: kinda sad that you need a third-party utility package to do any real work with Swing
kherr: It's from Sun, but why didn't they include it as part of Swing? Idiots.
wmf: Doug Lea doesn't work for Sun
kherr: They're referincing Doug Lea, but the Swing Worker stuff is a Sun class this article covers.

GBA emulator under development for Danger Hiptop

wmf: it's a joke, of course, but we can dream



dopp: I don't think you're supposed to stick a gun there.


dopp: KITTY


nym: airsoft isn't quite as cool as paintball but hey!


Stoner Rifle

Mutiny: oooooo a M-4 that shoots 7.62x39 russian. that would definately be handy for specops.
coderman: <Mutiny> i'd like a visist from the homeland security department please.

Akamai declines to assist Al-Jazeera site

kherr: Sucks that they'd not help a customer just because they disagree with their legal content
coderman: I think the problem was more that the core servers would be DoS'ed regardless, and akamai requires redirection from a central server to distribute load.
coderman: like the BigIP multiplexor in a load balancing server pool

Anti-war marchers to confront Bush


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