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#infoanarchy Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. -- Benjamin Franklin




skimpIzu: back folks (no crack).


skimpIzu: FATWA!!!!!!!!!!



Morbus: My uberList of MP3s.

The most fascinating blog on the entire planet

To opponents of the Total Information Awareness program (headed by John Poindexter, wtf??) we say this: YOU ARE AIDING THE TERRORISTS, YOU UNPATRIOTIC WARTS

coderman: translated: quit whining about dark conspiracy theories and privacy concerns, TIA is needed to fight the terrorists
coderman: "Total information -- what?" said Al Demarco, a sanitation worker. "Sounds like some sort of a hippie thing -- be aware, be total, be the information."

VIA EPIA V series boards are nice for multimedia systems running linux with video capture/playback and wireless

Lan_Rover: also good for shoving into rubbermaid containers and throwing in the back of rigs going down the freeway.

Soekris boards make sweet wireless routers / gateways

Intel programmer locked in club fed for donating money to a charity three years ago that is presumed to have terrorist links

coderman: "A friend and former colleague at Intel, Steven McGeady, is championing Hawash's case. McGeady, a former vice president at the chipmaker who hired Hawash as a programmer in 1992, was a high-profile witness in the Microsoft antitrust trial."
coderman: "People say this doesn't happen in this country," McGeady said, "but one of my neighbors has been disappeared. It's not what he might have done that matters to me -- they disappeared him. They need to question him and let him go, or charge him. It's like Alice in Wonderland meets Franz Kafka."
coderman: i feel a _lot_ better about that unmarked van in the parking lot behind my apartment now!
coderman: oh yeah, a _lot_ better. like the warm, protective embrace of UNCLE SAM is protecting me from the evil terrorists

Coming soon - edible squid hula-hoops.

StartleCam / Auto record based on patterns indicative of a 'startle response' in the skin conductivity signal

nym: good for capturing startling events

About a Possible Use of Unconventional Weapons in Iraq

sateh: Crap. Speculation. Blah. Nothing in there. Move on.

Use Stupid Warhack Rednecks for a Free Vacation!

Political Predictions for 2003


skimpIzu: reminds me of http://newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=24812



skimpIzu: "The threesome position i would use"


smackthud: "Unintended use of figure drawing mannequins". unintended my ass

this spider runs at 10 mph.

lemonodor: Chemicals such as bug sprays are not recommended as they most likely will do nothing but make the spider angry, said officials.
lemonodor: If people see a camel spider, do not try to get rid of it themselves, said officials with 379th Expeditionary Medical Group public health section at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar.
Mutiny: More deadly than an iraqi soldier!
Mutiny: Holy shit thanks for showing me this video. I won't be sleeping tonight.
lemonodor: "Well, I for one am off to fill my bathroom with ice and stand in the tub with my shotgun. And shudder in horror. Lots of horror."


Defender of Freedom (picture)

kherr: Real item, order it at http://www.collectiblestoday.com/ct/product/prdid-912316001.jsp
kherr: "Premiere issue in the America's Guardian of Freedom Collection"




skimpIzu: possible best game in existance


kherr: TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo) hardware and software


A_Young: "January 1, 1984, The Washington Post reported that the United States 'in a shift in policy, has informed friendly Persian Gulf nations that the defeat of Iraq in the 3-year-old war with Iran would be 'contrary to U.S. interests' and has made several moves to prevent that result.'"
A_Young: "March of 1984, with the Iran-Iraq war growing more brutal by the day, Rumsfeld was back in Baghdad for meetings with then-Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz. On the day of his visit, March 24th, UPI reported from the United Nations: 'Mustard gas laced with a nerve agent has been used on Iranian soldiers..' "
A_Young: "March 29, 1984, 'American diplomats pronounce themselves satisfied with relations between Iraq and the United States and suggest that normal diplomatic ties have been restored in all but name.'"


A_Young: There's some West Indian cricketer named Gunga :D

Yahoo News AU 3 Apr 2003 -- Madonna drops anti-war video

A_Young: "Madonna has pulled the US release of her new video, which contained images of transvestite soldiers, Iraqi children and a grenade being lobbed at a lookalike of US President George W Bush... explaining that the video to accompany her "American Life" song had been made before the start of the US-led invasion of Iraq."
A_Young: fence-sitting for publicity?



matthew: ...All of which is just a fancy way of saying: Hendrix still rules.



nym: daynum lemonodor


A_Young: uid0 said it .. wtf? "The 'Queen Phone' is a dedicated Lady Phone with features specially designed for Females, which include calorie calculating, ovulation period checking and direct access to female website.'

What to do during threat level orange (comic)

lyrics to _The_Viper's_Drag_ by Fats Waller

US using cluster bombs which are almost as bad as anti-personnel mines, apparently

GabeW: In terms of killing civilians
A_Young: "United States is dipping into its stockpiles of .. the worst cluster bomb in existence, the BLU-97 .. [which] has two fuses -- one set to detonate on impact, and a second to detonate if an unexploded bomb is disturbed .. more than 50 million bomblets were dropped during the 1991 Persian Gulf War"
A_Young: ".. ordnance experts in Kuwait, which was heavily bombed after Iraq claimed the country as its own in 1991, were finding roughly 200 cluster bombs per month just last year"
A_Young: ".. Countries generally rely on private contractors to scoop up mines and dud bombs in war zones. Because of the nature of modern warfare, business is booming."


Welcome to the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

coderman: notice that they use the "busy beaver" as the first example on that page.
A_Young: "Most people use this web site to get information about a particular number sequence. If you are a new visitor, then you might ask the database if it can recognize your favorite sequence, if you have one." 12345 678910 11 12

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