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#infoanarchy <uid0> and i kept trying to bone him but then the dudes chasing us would find us || <Mutiny> are you cupping my balls?

Microsoft decides to target Google directly. Now developing a 'better' search engine to provide a better 'user experience'

lemonodor: possibly related: http://reuters.com/financeNewsArticle.jhtml?type=hotStocksNews&storyID=2496922
A_Young: It looks like you're trying to search the internet! Would you like to ...


Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

druework: "Never Again"
seti: from that site we present the Commemorative Pistol for the Bill of Rights - Limited Edition
seti: jeez $2,495 for one of those

OpenSSH 3.6.1 released (fixes over 3.6: minor incompatibility with a rare few clients)

seti: link given was the first on-generic one in the announcement.. sigh
seti: the SSHerriff is gay.. it's the lips


coderman: actually, they are calling it the 'collosal squid' as 'giant squid' refers to a different species.
seti: Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni
seti: Not to be confused with the web cache, which can also grow to hy00ge sizes if left unchecked in deep waters.


Cracking down on software piracy could generate $400,000,000,000 in economic growth

coderman: ahahaha, I wish i got paid for pulling bullshit out of my ass like this...
coderman: they never mention that they exepct the number of people pirating software to go and buy the stuff once it is unwarez'able. Too bad that 90% of people copying this shit cant pay for it anyway, nor have any desire to do so.



skimpIzu: yet another slow down the photons deal...this time, without a room full of equipment
skimpIzu: "Boyd anticipates that the slow light device will find a role in the telecommunications industry. When two signals from fiber optic lines merge, the two signals may reach the merging router at the exact same moment and need to be separated slightly in time so they can be laid down one after another. Like two cars merging on a highway where one may need to slow down to let another car into the lane, a light-slowing device could help ease c


skimpIzu: born 1987



skimpIzu: defense for skimp
skimpIzu: namely defs 2 and 4

skimpIzu: real eats
skimpIzu: bi bim bap (korean dish)



lemonodor: damn you, wmf.


Accordion Guy in Playboy


wmf: that's a PS/2! is that even powerful enough to run a browser?

McDonald's may consider changing recipes

kherr: There's talk of adding flavor.

Harper's, um, Index

sayke: every month, they collect interesting stats and put them in context
sayke: harper's basically rules.
matthew: Harper's Index is v.clever.
A_Young: "British price-fixing fine levied last November on Hasbro, the maker of Monopoly : $8,000,000"

wireless security paper. this thing is total crap


skimpIzu: hehe, awesome, point and click even!

BBC Nudes 1 April, 2003 -- Nude volleyball angers game makers

kherr: What did they expect?
A_Young: "'Please do not post anything about nude patches and other hacked information or you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law,' it said. The warning went on to say: 'So far we're tracking one suspect, anybody care to be the second?'"


BitTorrent Animation


Modless Xbox / Linux project a success. Some smart guy figured out a buffer overflow using a specific game to load unstrusted OS via USB

coderman: bling bling, thank you for $100,000 Lindows!
burtonator: bling bling - DMCA violation
burtonator: circumvention of a copy protection device
coderman: This was published March 31, 2003 so if its an early april fool, im going to kill somebody
coderman: oh yeah, i love a DMCA violation with my morning coffee. I'f i'm not breaking that fucking DMCA daily, im doing something wrong as a coder.
Mutiny_: Game programmers are gonna pitch a fit if they have to start checking their console games for buffer overflows
A_Young: linux running on unmodified M$ hardware :D
A_Young: Makers of the game involved are set to either clean up .. or shut down

Corporate Mofo -- Why Don't Programmers Unionize?

skimpIzu: coders unions
Mutiny_: When I was talking about unionizing in 1999 people laughed at me
coderman: oh man, if they throw seniority into coder unions im fucking runnin for the hills
A_Young: " ..More than half the time, the project was cancelled anyway, leaving Sara with nothing to show for her efforts but an ever-increasing roll of fat around her gut, cat piss on her bed, burnt-out batteries in her Hitachi Magic Wand, and some stale egg foo young in the fridge..."
A_Young: ".. Gone are the glory days of venture capital-funded bagels and massages at your desk."
A_Young: Contains important link to http://www.fuckedcompany.com/
seti: These are Fight Club words, too
A_Young: "..Put three programmers in the same room, and you'll get four opinions on everything from bombing Iraq to statutory rape. Trying to get them to do anything together -- as anyone who's seen the vicious politics around a Star Trek convention or goth club can attest -- is like herding cats."

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nym: Now with geospatial goodness

Scoop! Overture Buys Google


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