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Happy Mailman Day! (highscore: 11 mails so far, with sf.net still to be received) || <uid0> and i kept trying to bone him but then the dudes chasing us would find us


Awesome tax loophole using small insurance companies to shield assests worth hundreds of millions

coderman: tx loophole == fully legal for now, and nothing they can do about it


nym: not always in synch with /., but it's much easier to read

Prom Planning Tips

druework: Prom night is one of the most memorable nights of your life, so don't ruin it by neglecting to wax. No guy wants to go down on a gorilla salad.

Bush Thought War Would be Over by Now



deltab: The US is at war with Iraq.
deltab: The US has always been at war with Iraq.

Former KGB head hired by USA as Defense Consultant

Yahoo! News - Tobacco Shortage Makes Marines Irritable

U.S. Forms Own U.N.

The second superpower?

coderman: somehow I think "a new form of international player, constituted by the “will of the people” in a global social movement" lacks the kind of BIG FUCKING BOBMS that are the signature style of a superpower
coderman: s/BOBMS/BOMBS/ ... my irc client sucks


matthew: Duke Nukem Forever to run on Atari 2600


fortyhex: Chaos in the Middle East is not the Bush hawks' nightmare scenario--it's their plan

(bbspot) U.N. to Set Standards on Use of the Term "Elite"

seti: New York, NY - Pressure from the international community has forced the United Nations to convene a special committee to review standards for calling organizations "elite." The call for a standard was prompted after the elite Iraqi Republican Guard was seen performing tasks in a not so elite manner.

FreeBSD/NetBSD to merge

driving carriers into bankruptcy to BUY MORE BOMBS!

RFC3514 support for *BSD

seti: [ftp://ftp.jurai.net/users/winter/patches/rfc3514-stable.patch]
seti: [ftp://ftp.jurai.net/users/winter/patches/IFF_EVIL.patch]

skimpIzu's auto-impregnation package

TehShadow: (*Turkey baster not included)
Mutiny_: a must have for any bukkake star!
skimpIzu: this is a serious method for moving my product
Mutiny_: also provides perfect storage for 6 redbulls

Fake "war correspondent" has cover blown

matthew: MBABANE (Reuters) - Listeners to Swaziland's state-run radio station thought it had its own correspondent in Baghdad covering the war -- until legislators spotted him in parliament at the weekend.

Annual Perseverance as Measured With Google Hits

U.S. Prepared to Pay 'High Price' to Oust Saddam

kherr: "In World War II, there would be nights when we'd lose 1,000 people." -CENTCOM official

protest records releases : mp3's

kherr: Free as in beer protest songs

Nevada introduces bill to issue its own currency

Japan: N. Korea Test-Fires Missle

dnm: \ Surface-to-ship missle launched as a test by N. Korea after Japan puts two spy satellites into orbit.


State Department raps "freedom loving" allies

kherr: Our allies who's regimes are as bad as Saddam Hussein's in Iraq, according to the State Department


wmf: I wonder if this is the biggest BitTorrent download ever

NEWS.com.au | US Navy's 'Flipper' goes AWOL


Info about the tearing down of the Fell street offramp

GabeW: " The best way to avoid congestion is to AVOID DRIVING on San Francisco freeways if at all possible, but especially during the commute hours (7-9 AM and 4-7 PM). If you need to drive in and out of San Francisco, you can avoid the most heavily congested areas by exiting the freeway as early as possible, and by using detour routes designated for the project.."


Call for 'responsible' coding

lemonodor: fuckin' yeah.

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