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Freedom to Tinker offline for a bit while ISP's hardware taken by authorities as part of a `cyberterrorism investigation'

seti: This is beyond insanity. take both the server's hard drive and the backup tapes??


seti: Excellent article about any set of new ideas needing a social group

Today's Dilbert, feat. your CEO

A chronology of the SI metric system

seti: "The Metric Conversion Act of 1975 (Public Law 94-168) passed by Congress. The Act established the U.S. Metric Board to coordinate and plan the increasing use and voluntary conversion to the metric system. However, the Act was devoid of any target dates for metric conversion."


seti: Lauren, friendly as always
uid0: gimme a break, i'd just broken my foot d:

Media Guardian - War Watch

seti: Claims and counter-claims about the war in Iraq. This is what journalism is about

Operation Playmate

seti: with an iMac, no less

US arms trader to run Iraq

The enterprising hawk

kherr: Richard Perle, Global Crossing, the Defense Department and a history of conflicts of interest.
kherr: "...Perle was also a director of Memorex Corp., a defense contractor, in the 1990s while he was advising then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney..."



wmf: ssh, don't tell burtonator

Betting on the presidency has commenced



wmf: are YOU gzipped?
DragonFax: so what? http://leknor.com/code/gziped.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com

Rumsfeld about to be served up as scapegoat

kherr: "[Seymour] Hersh, however, quoted the former intelligence official as saying the war was now a stalemate."

(Yahoo! News) Iraqi civilians feed hungry US marines

Tschechow: just dont use SAP Defense Solutions for supply chain managment


seti: Slashdot is full of trolls! Film at 11

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