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Afghan prisoners murdered by US forces

Another "accident", this time hits Saudi Arabia.

"Sorry, but the chick was in the way"

Network Solutions will be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

seti: or Verisign, as they're called now

VOA News 29 Mar 2003 -- Senate Democrats Promise Swift Approval of War Budget

A_Young: However, "The Senate voted mostly along party lines to provide less than half of the president's request for $726 billion in tax cuts."

ABC Australia -- War in Iraq Photo Galleries

ABC Australia 30 Mar 2003 -- UN should have sanctioned attacks: poll

A_Young: "61 per cent of Australians said the UN should have sanctioned the action, as did 81 per cent of Americans, 66 per cent of Britons and 50 per cent of New Zealanders."

ABC Australia News 30 Mar 2003 -- Violence ahead of Zimbabwe Opposition deadline

A_Young: No mention of oil or US-led invasion to oust dictator and liberate the oppressed
A_Young: despite Mugabe's boast that he "could be a 'black Hitler ten fold' in crushing his opponents".

Reuters 29 Mar 2003 -- UK says Iraqi missiles falling back on Baghdad

A_Young: "Britain said on Saturday the commander of air defence forces in Iraq had been replaced after Iraqi surface-to-air missiles, aimed at Western warplanes, missed and fell back on the city."
A_Young: Well, at least they sack someone when that happens ...



A_Young: Requires flash
sateh: Percentage of Americans who cannot locate Iraq on a world map: 65%

www.xmms.org rooted

dopp: ":O) bombombom -------------- all your bass are belong to us -------------- props to rebel, nebunu, suspect, xmb, freestyler, saddam hussein happy birthday neb ;) rooted by allah"

BBC News 29 March, 2003 -- Mystery bug doctor dies

A_Young: "The World Health Organisation expert who first identified the mystery pneumonia that has claimed dozens of lives has himself died of the disease, the UN agency has announced."
A_Young: " At least 54 people are known to have died of the disease, and well over 1,400 people to be suffering from it."
A_Young: "China, where the outbreak has killed at least 30 people, the communist regime is enforcing a media blackout, apparently concerned that news of the disease will cause panic."


A_Young: "U.S. military officials in the Gulf say they have limited cruise missile flights over Saudi Arabia after that country complained that some of the missiles had landed on its territory."

Plymouth Evening Herald, 29 March 2003 -- Operation Pause .. sorry that's 'OPERATIONAL PAUSE' WILL GIVE TIME TO TAKE STOCK

A_Young: "Up to 100,000 more US troops were expected to move into the Gulf in coming weeks as part of a 'rolling' commitment. There are 90,000 US ground troops already inside Iraq."
A_Young: "US officials said the troop movements had 'always been part of the plan' and denied they were sparked by unexpected Iraqi resistance."

London Times March 29, 2003 -- Facts are hidden behind the podium of truth

A_Young: London Times reports that many/most media stories regarding progress of the war are bullshit
seti: NEWS AT 11
A_Young: eg "On Tuesday night an ITN reporter recounted the popular uprising in Basra. It turned out to be a small exchange of fire, possibly between rival factions of President Saddam Hussein?s Baath party. The next day, a BBC man said that up to a thousand tanks and other armoured vehicles were streaming out of Basra. In fact, it was just three tanks and a handful of armoured cars."
seti: Dutch daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad had a great many anti-war anti-FUD coverage in its Saturday edition, including information on this particular event. Kinda special as the newspaper isn't exactly socialist in its thinking, to put it mildly

VOA News 29 Mar 2003 -- Suicide Car Bomb in Iraq Kills 4 US Soldiers

A_Young: 'First such attack of the war' according to VoA
A_Young: "Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan identified the suicide bomber as a junior army officer and threatened more suicide attacks. He said Iraq will use any means to kill coalition troops. Mr. Ramadan said thousands of Arab volunteers are arriving in Iraq to help the war effort."
A_Young: Also contains some extremely imprecisely reported 'casualty' figures .. no info on how the figures were attained, if they were
A_Young: Article actually only contains two pars of info relevent to title
A_Young: More info at Radio Free Europe: "Shortly after news of the attack became public, a leading Iraqi Muslim cleric, Sheikh Abdul Karim al-Mudaress, pronounced a fatwa, or religious edict, urging all Iraqi citizens to fight U.S. troops and their British allies."
A_Young: In that article, Iraqi Information Minister Muhammad Said al-Sahhaf spells out Iraqi strategy for anyone who has missed it so far: "[The Americans and the British] are like a boa snake. Now its length is more than 500 kilometers, and we are going to cut this snake into pieces."
A_Young: "Al-Sahaf also denied U.S. claims that Iraqi soldiers clad in civilian clothes are deceiving coalition troops: 'This kind of cheap propaganda, saying Iraqi military persons are disguising themselves with civilian clothes, has nothing to do with the facts and the truth.'"
seti: it only has to do with their lack of funds. we've seen the pictures of dead Iraqi soldiers on a battlefield wearing civilian shoes
A_Young: Second url also contains some news on Turkey, including more stray US missiles, as well as violence against peace protestors
A_Young: Today is officially stray US missile day

"Takoma the dolphin is Awol"

A_Young: So long, and thanks for all the fish
A_Young: "Takoma, the Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphin, had been in Iraq for 48 hours when he went missing on his first operation to snoop out mines."
A_Young: "US officials had said that dolphins, first used in Vietnam, were a far better bet than all the technology on board the flotilla of ships."
seti: it's not so much the Americans as the Australians that actually trained these dolphins.
A_Young: "Petty Officer Whitaker could be seen yesterday patting the water, calling his name and offering his favourite fish, but there was no response."
seti: (and this work is non-lethal for de dolphins involved, they're trained to swim up to mines, drop a transmitter and then head back, I've understood)

Toronto Star 23 Mar 2003 -- [Australian] Journalist dies in suicide bombing

A_Young: "Paul Moran, a 39-year-old cameraman for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, was the first journalist to be killed in the 3-day-old U.S. and British invasion of Iraq."
A_Young: "Also killed were three fighters of the PUK, which controls the eastern part of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq. Twenty-four people were injured, including Australian Broadcasting Corporation reporter Eric Campbell, who suffered shrapnel wounds to the head."
A_Young: "The Paris-based media advocacy group Reporters Without Borders said in a statement that yesterday's car bombing appeared to be targeting journalists."
A_Young: "A month ago, an Ansar suicide bomber blew himself up at the nearby Halabja checkpoint, killing two PUK fighters, while a similar firefight occurred."
A_Young: This article contrasts strongly with VoA's report today of 'the first such attack of the war'

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seti: First spotted on the Full-Disclosure mailing list



burtonator: This is #1 on Blogdex right now...
burtonator: The only problem is that it is a fake article. It is from Weekly World News (A scandal rag)
burtonator: God knows how it got on yahoo.com but everyone has fell for it


smackthud: Firewalls set to become illegal in many American states
smackthud: Legislation by the ignorant
wmf: not really

NY Times, March 29 2003 -- Explosion, Said to Be From Missile, Empty Mall in Kuwait

A_Young: Kuwait - suspected US cruise missile hits vacant shopping mall


A_Young: Anyone understand what's going on in paragraph 3? Is it a typo?
A_Young: Mid east war looks soon to broaden, taking in Syrria and Iran .. Rumsfeld warns both counties, saying "We would prefer [the war] not be made more difficult by any of the neighbors."
silentfury: Next on the hit list, Syria and Iran
coderman: followed shortly by dangerous citezens and non comformists who must be "targetted down"
A_Young: Syria: "The invading forces, which are launching a blatant aggression against the Iraqi people, have not registered any accomplishments to date except demolishing civilian facilities and housing, shelling markets, hospitals, museums, food warehouses, busses and ambulances.. "
kherr: Some analysis: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/march0304.html#032803840pm
A_Young: Note Rumsfeld does not accuse the Syrian government of supplying military equipment, simply says that they will be 'held accountable' for shipments via Syria
A_Young: Full text of the speech contains some wierdness .. is this a typo: "There are some who suggest that the U.S. and its coalition partners are not destroying Iraqi cities and are not destroying the Iraqi people, and that this somehow could reflect a lack of will or a lack of determination on the part of the coalition. The opposite is true."


A_Young: Iraqi civilians lose again


A_Young: Howard: we didn't expect ourselves to act so ethically .. sorry
A_Young: Oh, and if you were stupid enough to listen to us before the war, you dumb fucks
A_Young: And yeah, of course the US gets to keep all their oil. Waddaya think we're here for?!

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Haiku periodic table

"Bush Nose Exxon" - Flash required

GabeW: Someone has WAAAY too much time on their hands

LawGeek blog

GabeW: Owner of blog co-authored amicus brief in eldred case

Is it Iraq-ometer or Iraq-o-meter?

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Massachusetts bill to ban firewalls

Wow, this is harsh - report from the scene of the market bombing that left 30-50 dead

coderman: "At least 15 cars burst into flames, burning many of their occupants to death. Several men tore desperately at the doors of another flame-shrouded car in the centre of the street that had been flipped upside down by the same missile. They were forced to watch helplessly as the woman and her three children inside were cremated alive in front of them."
coderman: "The building's manager, Hishem Danoon, ran to the doorway as soon as he heard the massive explosion. "I found Ta'ar in pieces over there," he told me. His head was blown off. "That's his hand." A group of young men and a woman took me into the street and there, a scene from any horror film, was Ta'ar's hand, cut off at the wrist, his four fingers and thumb grasping a piece of iron roofing. His young colleague, Sermed, died the same instant. His bra
coderman: red and grey mess behind a burnt car. Both men worked for Danoon. So did a doorman who was also killed. "
uberfunk: Let us not confuse the issue with oil.
uberfunk: Wank wank wank



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