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http://www.trance.org/~niels/chump/ || non-political statement: war sux! -- political statement: THIS war sux A LOT! || <matthew> I dreamed Che Guevara ran for god. <uid0> and won? <matthew> yeah but then I woke up

Reporters sans Frontiers, 20.09.2002 -- Al-Jazeera journalist held at Guantanamo

A_Young: Odd this one doesn't seem to crop up on CNN very often .. anyone ever seen this issue covered in western media?
coderman: its called "military censorship" which is implemented in time of "conflict" to protect "national security"
coderman: all of the mainstream press sends their shit through the filters

macho programmers using C when it's not appropriate, and leading to lots of security problems

coderman: FIRST POST!
coderman: ahaha, ok, I go off to kill myself now...

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