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http://www.trance.org/~niels/chump/ || non-political statement: war sux! -- political statement: THIS war sux A LOT! || <matthew> I dreamed Che Guevara ran for god. <uid0> and won? <matthew> yeah but then I woke up

Message to coders: you suck, losers.

coderman: well, coders too cool to avoid common security potholes like buffer overflows, format string vulnerabilities and input validation errors
lemonodor: AMEN!
Mutiny: Does lpr actually provide any functionality other than letting unauthorized users access your machine?


coderman: skippy?


Mutiny: Swingles Quarry, on top of "Jiggers", looking west, towards the fore river shipyard.
coderman: future location of lots of wifi
Mutiny: This used to be completely filled with water, a couple feet below where the dirt comes to now. I once jumped from the top of the ridge on the right.

Prime numbers not so random?

coderman: this is the most pointless thing I have read in a long time ...

An enlarged goatse.cx poster


dopp: Can't we all just get along?

Booze-powered PDA fuel cell

LAPD gets 802.11 in squad cars and stations

coderman: kismet, the new police scanner



seti: <Internet Barbie> cut&paste is hard!

Duke Nukem Goes to Iraq


dopp: Kevin Dickinson's discipline referral form

Antiwar hackers hacking

coderman: or kiddies cracking, whichever you prefer

Commuters hack wireless networks

"Hello, computer." Transparent aluminum.

A_Young: "transmission > 50 % at thickness 0.8 mm"

Star Trek Apartment


TheShadow: Dead Iraqi Would Have Loved Democracy


PATRIOT II - coming soon to a government near you ...

coderman: <teen girl> "oh my gosh, this one is just rad! I mean, it totally rules compared to the first PATRIOT ACT"
coderman: <tom brokow> there you have it, patriot II for a better tomorrow ...


tav: watch some half decent news coverage and learn arabic


tav: a followup to http://tav.espians.com/pedipeace/1
tav: proposing what i believe to be viable ways to actually stop this war
tav: comments welcome - tav@espians.com

Vivato indoors

coderman: controller is a linux server with dual gigabit ethernet and 10/100 too

Vivato switch

Iraq? or Mars?

Morocco offers US monkeys to detonate mines

US still insists that *radioactive* depleted *uranium* is no health risk. even if injested or inhaled... really.

broked`: Of course they would know .. they did the trials right here in the US ;)
kherr: We're supposed to believe depleted uranium is safer than lead? We remove lead paint from houses because of health problems.

coderman 0wn3d in meat space - now with pictures

War porn

U.S. divorce rates: for various faith groups, age groups and geographical areas

kherr: Born-again Christians are second-highest, behind Jews. Athiests/Agnostics are lowest.
kherr: Baptists are highest specific Christian subgroup.


dopp: PF ported to FreeBSD 5.0



CNN Parody


DragonFax: fscking mod!

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