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Coderman gets r00ted in meat space

Point-Counterpoint: The War on Iraq


sateh: The so-called Future Imagery Architecture program, managed by Boeing Co. . and nicknamed "FIASCO," a pun on its acronym, by some insiders . is also running well over budget even as the aerospace giant has had to scale back some promised new capabilities.

Link includes quotes from Mugabe's "Black Hitler" speech.


A_Young: Ockham's Razor 27/02/2000 -- Technology and Crime Control
A_Young: "New devices, based on radar, ultrasound and magnetic imaging, are currently under development for the detection of concealed weapons. .. Ballistocardiogram technology has given rise to 'heartbeat detectors' which can find persons hiding in vehicles."
A_Young: "A television or VCR can be designed so that a pin number has to be entered whenever the unit is disconnected from mains power for a prescribed period. In the future, PIN numbers are likely to be replaced by biometric authentication and identification devices."

Halliburton gets contract to rebuild oil infrastructure, fight fires in Iraq

GabeW: Suprise, surprise!

Suitcase Surprise: Rebuke Written on Inspection Notice


A_Young: Breaking News -- People turning to Internet for war news ;)


A_Young: More reasons not to use PayPal (for donations this time)
A_Young: Classic quote: "I received the first standard Paypal response about privacy; but today, I received the following. The weird thing about this is - I don't even have a Paypal account. 'Dear PayPal Member, On 03/11/03, I sent you an email regarding your PayPal account. As part of PayPal's commitment to excellence, ..'"
A_Young: 'nother one: ".. I simply mail .. the PayPal letter with no comments other than, 'see why they cancelled WRH for yourself'. Out of curiosity they go to your website. How wonderful! More informed electorates!!! I can finally have conversations with people I otherwise couldn't talk to about 'what's really happening'."
A_Young: I _LOVE_ the word 'hissy-fit'. It's a fetish of mine. Mmmmmm

Learn how to deal with PRO WAR people here.

A_Young: "Carry enlistment forms and try the following techniques (quicktime 21MB)."
A_Young: "Ask them when they last visited a VA Hospital to Support the Troops from Gulf War I or the Vietnam War! "
A_Young: "...older videos can be requested. Generally they stay up a week unless bumped by breaking news."

Guess who has The Funk?

24s02e16 is out


sateh: I'll be back.

Parody of CNN

burtonator: Legal use of copyrighted material

AARP's New Hangout: KaZaA, Web's Mosh Pit

kherr: AARP is now advertising on KaZaA because older people are using it.

Cop runs over protester purposely, then tries to kill him by depriving him of ambulance.

silentfury: Cop runs over protester purposely, then tries to kill him by depriving him of ambulance.
A_Young: "This was followed by cursing, using God's name in vain, and then the dad spit on the commandment right in front of his children and called me a -- - coward. I said a prayer for them. Blessed are the children."
A_Young: So the cops had to run her down. Obviously. "Another police officer was yelling at me: 'get up...get up before we run you down again...you're in the way of our car, get out of here or we'll hit you again.'"
A_Young: This story needs photos .. at least of the scene, even if not of the actual event
A_Young: "The officer refused to allow the IndyMedia reporter and my friend to be witnesses (both refused to say that I ran into the car, as the officer demanded)."
A_Young: "The doctor whispered in my ear 'They tried to kill you.'"
A_Young: from the comments page ".. I have a friend who was nearly killed by a cop car in a high speed chase against someone else. She was an innocent bystander in another (stopped) car which was broadsided by the police cruiser. Once she finally got to court, 6 years later, the judge said "case dismissed" based on sovereign immunity."
A_Young: Violence of police at this event (is it the same event? I don't know DC) corroborated at indymedia: "Breaking News from Saturday .. 1:10pm: A motorcycle officer is hitting people at 15th and H. .. 3:45pm .. Other protesters surrounded the officer and legal observer, and they were hit with batons. The remaining legal observers got the badge numbers of the officers in
seti: ...ncident. They are Metro Police." (A_Young)
A_Young: Breaking news: District of Columbia - EMS has confirmed report number

How The Russians See Us (From Their All Seeing Spy Equipment)

Lew Rockwell on Bill Moyers: War Does NOT Help the Economy

ololiuhqui: "...the New Deal didn't work. And really we didn't get out of the depression until probably 1948 or 1949. What the war did do was help the unemployment statistics by killing a lot of the unemployed."

Augustine's Tenets of Just War

ololiuhqui: Actually this may be better
ololiuhqui: Also, Lew Rockwell interview regarding Iraq and Just War theory
ololiuhqui: "The main problem with the just war criterion is that it is an abstraction. It exists on the level of theory only because there is no entity that can enforce it. Every state going to war can be expected to claim a just cause, and there will always be intellectuals to echo these claims."

Socratic dialog... peacenik vs warmonger


tav`: initial thoughts regarding a pedipeace -- pedestrianise for peace -- movement
tav`: comments very welcome : tav@espians.com : thanks
coderman: i think shutting down vehicles in a city is a non-starter as far as any government is concerned

Image Conscious: The Fall of CNN and What it Means for the War

ololiuhqui: "Alone among the news networks, Jazeera gives you the impression there is a war going on, rather than a series of press conferences."

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