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more funny pictures.

Moore at the Oscars (mp3)


seti: from the same site http://unix.rulez.org/~calver/pictures/un_un_femmes_et_informatique.jpg
coderman: I think they call these 'techno fluffers'

Michael Moore's acceptance speech

GabeW: NOT the acceptance speech, but rather a press interview afterwards
burtonator: http://mfile.akamai.com/8629/asf/clips.download.akamai.com/8629/DocumentaryFeature_300k.asx
burtonator: full link to the ASF stream... use mplayer (works perfectly)
deltab: torrent for a RAR'd AVI
ololiuhqui: Oscar Owes Moore

Prank call to Al Rasheed Hotel in Baghdad

I'm going on safari.

Nukular waste piling up. hot hot hot

coderman: i swear, if I get cesium 137 in my ben gay, im going to be PISSED OFF!
Mutiny: We've found a much better location for this material. It used to be called "Iraq..."

Watch out for sharks with lasers in #infoanarchy

The Goering quote is true (Snopes)

coderman: we need a mirror cause that shit is not loading for me ...

Total^H^H^HTerrorism Information and Prevention System

A_Young: This site pulled by the US gov
A_Young: see here instead .. in fact why not mirror the PDFs?


A_Young: " Asked how the administration came to back up one of its principal allegations against Iraq with information its own intelligence service considered faulty, officials said all such assertions were carefully tailored to stay within the bounds of certainty." WTF? is this euphamism?
A_Young: ".. in the days preceding the invasion of Iraq, some intelligence officials had begun to acknowledge more openly their doubts about how this and other information was used to support charges that Iraq has a significant covert programme to produce weapons of mass destruction."

Is the Baghdad Blogger for real?

ololiuhqui: "Probably."


A_Young: DeMuDi has been 1.0 for a few weeks now - here's the package database of apps, which is _on top_ of apps already in debian woody
A_Young: * A_Young hugs linux in spite of any architectural deformities
A_Young: linux is gonna rock as a sound production platform .. because the developers are using open standards like LADSPA
A_Young: so each app gets a head-start in terms of effects and stuff
A_Young: (ReMuDi is also available, for redhat, I understand)

Yellow Times, August 31, 2002 -- Australia's moral cowardice

A_Young: "By allying itself so blindly with America on everything from an attack on Iraq to the abandonment of Australian citizens held without trial in Guantanamo Bay, Australia is ignoring .. history. It is also ignoring the current reality of a world that increasingly opposes U.S. unilateralism and belligerence."

Yellow Times, March 17, 2003 -- Oops, that evidence was fake

A_Young: "IAEA chief Mohammed AlBaradei last week told the U.N. Security Council that the information his team received from the CIA concerning Niger was 'completely unfounded.'"
A_Young: "Apparently, signatures were forged, and a document citing a deal between Iraq and a minister of Niger in 1980 turned out to be untrue as the same said minister had not even been appointed to the government yet."

Gulf News, 24-03-2003 -- Images of death, violence shock Arabs

A_Young: ".. pictures showed children with their brains blown out, bodies of adults without the upper parts, and scores .. in a pool of blood. 'This is unbelievable,' said [a] Jordanian woman... Despite the fact that she and her family were forced to leave Kuwait... shortly before the eruption of .. Gulf war [I] .. Yomna said she has now completely changed her views towards Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and she strongly supports him.""
A_Young: "'I fully support him because he said no to the United States. He makes me feel proud of being an Arab.'"
A_Young: " While many Jordanians were shocked, some blamed the Iraqi President for being responsible in getting the innocent civilians killed in the attacks on southern Iraq. They said the allied forces are now targeting the civilians about which earlier said they will not do."
A_Young: I think this is very sad. I was in Bahrain and Kuwait in the early 80s and I remember the US being _the_ model of what every Arab loved and desired in those countries. Now we have this:
A_Young: "Fifteen-year-old Mohammed Abbas, said that if he will ever see an American in Bahrain, he will personally attack him. "It is my right to do so. If they can attack Iraqis and kill them for no reason, then I can do the same.'"
seti: 15yo with a big mouth gets his 15 seconds of fame. News at 11
A_Young: "'If liberating people is done through crushing children's heads and bodies like this, then liberation is much worse than murder'"

Yellow Times, February 07, 2003 -- The nuclear bomb hoax

A_Young: "Powell, in a theatrical query, asked why the Iraqi scientists were asked to sign declarations, with a death penalty if not adhered to, not to reveal their secrets to the IAEA inspection teams. ... The four or five, as I recall such declarations, which I read in detail, held us to the penalty of death in the event that we did not hand in all of the sensitive documents and reports that may still be in our possession!"
A_Young: -- Imad Khadduri, Former Iraqi nuclear scientist (Canada)
A_Young: "Powell said: 'Let me now turn to nuclear weapons. We have no indication that Saddam Hussein has ever abandoned his nuclear weapons program.' This verges on being humorous. But as the Arabic proverb goes: The worst kind of misfortune is that which causes you to laugh."
A_Young: "Imad Khadduri has a MSc in Physics from the University of Michigan (United States) and a PhD in Nuclear Reactor Technology from the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom). Khadduri worked with the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission from 1968 until 1998. He was able to leave Iraq in late 1998 with his family."
DragonFax: Its Pornorific!

Yellow Times, March 22, 2003 -- "Sparing the public the horrors of war"

A_Young: "The real reason CNN cut the broadcast was because Al Sahaf launched a verbal barrage against Bush and U.S. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld calling them 'bastardized criminals who must be hit on the head by the boot.'"

Michael Moore in Oscar press room

kherr: Look for "documentary feature" for the video
kherr: Damned Windows Media format
seti: San Francisco Chronicle on Moore at Oscar award ceremony
seti: direct link to 300 kbps video stream

Gen. Wesley Clark, unplugged

kherr: CNN military analyst speaks frankly about how Bush bungled the case for war.
seti: Salon Premium content, exchange of monetary units required

The effects of war on internet porno

lemonodor: "I suspect it will not have a large negative effect since the sentence ‘This war has me not wanting to look at naked women’ has never been uttered."

Pro-peace actors boycott Oscars

Moore blasts Bush

kherr: He had all of the documentary nominees with him and got a standing ovation. But everyone focuses on the boos.

War Could Be Big Business for Halliburton

kherr: <dick_cheney> Halliburton business plan:
kherr: <dick_cheney> start wars
kherr: <dick_cheney> ???
kherr: <dick_cheney> PROFIT


kherr: Do your part with media disobedience

Bin Laden's victory

kherr: By Richard Dawkins (guy who invented the "meme" meme)
kherr: "George Bush is a catastrophe for the world. And a dream for Bin Laden."
foo_beta3: "People try to justify their unquestioned rules by questioning whoever defies them."

War mood chart

kherr: Live chart showing feelings of the war inspired by "online punters".

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