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http://www.trance.org/~niels/chump/ || <coderman> id light my cock on fire for a cool $100 || hehe, funny because i know that mayor of the village the mindburners/infoanarchy camp has already acomplished the forementioned feat... i'll ask him for the url || Spot the Fed - It's not just for Defcon any more! || tv commercials.. urgh <A_Young> "one kebab to RUUULE them all .. one kebab to find them .. AND THE PRICE!"

life in prison for peaceful protest? seems a bit, um, extreme?

aminorex: glad i'm not in oregon
Mutiny: Seems better than being spirited off never to be heard from again. Atleast in this instance you'd get a trial.

US POWs on Al Jazeera

uid0: warning -- graphic images

Hands free browsing enabled on this one

seti: I'm not sure I want to know what kind of voice commands this device takes
seti: "Crawl back where you came from, you nameless horror"

Patches to allow both host and UML guest work with grsec (minus PaX)

matthew: Warning: These patches may destroy the world instead of doing anything usefull. Use at own risk.

Bush takes lessons from the Third Reich

ololiuhqui: NATURE TRAIL TO HELL, IN 3-D!

Make fruit your bitch.

This is funny

Ash: man that was hard
ololiuhqui: Woof woof, glug glug, who drowned the Judge's car?

Now, I Am the Terrorist

ololiuhqui: "The city of Baghdad, founded in 762 A.D. under the name Madinat as-Salam -- 'City of Peace' -- is this day a lake of fire."
Ash: <jeffk> TEHRE IS TEH LAVA EVARYWHEAR@!#%!@!@#
seti: "Baghdad is a city of 5 million people, half of whom are under the age of fifteen, most of whom are too poor to flee. Now, a great many of those people are dead, burned in their homes and on their streets." Iraqi TV first reported two dead, but by now the death toll is apparently around 250, while CNN had estimated 9,000 beforehand. Is this a `great many' of those 5 million? I think not.
seti: Rhetorics over facts again. plonk

Gulf War I: A New Hope (Death Estimates)


seti: 77675 and 77904 are also recommended by DragonFax.
seti: 20220 is "not to be missed"... "unless your offended by ass sweat. but who is, really" according to DragonFax.
seti: your. sic
DragonFax: http://www.bash.org/?23390
A_Young: All the news that's new-and-approved-by-chump
seti: the chump does not censor, for it is goodness.
seti: in fact, try getting something out of chump! Muhahahahaha.



While world focuses on Iraq...

ololiuhqui: Cuba uses lack of attention to crack down, while Zimbabwe turmoil builds


ololiuhqui: "Of course people are free to vomit in public, just as they are free to pick their nose or break wind at the dinner table."
DragonFax: Didn't Mark Twain write a short story about this?

MTV's Banned List

kherr: Memo from MTV banning videos because they interfere with getting the war on.


Speculative map of US deployment in Iraq

New Wave Order

kherr: What not to wear when providing military briefings on invading a country.
kherr: Best comment: "She looks like a villain from the old Batman show."
burtonator: Hey, Tori, Kajagoogoo called and they want their clothes back in time for the reunion tour!

Non-default chump, for your continued uninterrupted InfoAnarchy experience

seti: Intarweb @ http://www.trance.org/~niels/chump/ -- suggestions for a better hostname welcome, can config vhosts.
Ash: seti rules!
seti: Actively resisting The Man since, um, four days ago
Ash: red lasers rule
ololiuhqui: noncomposmentis.com | poweredbycobra.com | redlasersrule.com | assimilatedfunkbomb.com | cleaningtissueoutoftanktreads.com
seti: quite timeless URLs for a blog, I'd say, yes
Mutiny: poweredbycobra.com | redlasersrule.com | assimilatedfunkbomb.com | cleaningtissueoutoftanktreads.com
seti: btw this wasn't a request for advice on what to spend my money.

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