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http://www.trance.org/~niels/chump/ || <coderman> id light my cock on fire for a cool $100 || hehe, funny because i know that mayor of the village the mindburners/infoanarchy camp has already acomplished the forementioned feat... i'll ask him for the url || <Angus_Young> i knew it was time to leave uni when i found myself trying to describe the sound a balloon makes when it deflates -- in a physics paper

(Dutch) Five protesters arrested in Amsterdam because they burned an American flag in front of the American consulate

seti: I fucking can't believe this
seti: Apparently, articles 118 and 119 of the Wetboek van Strafrecht make it illegal to insult friendly foreign governments (punishable with incarceration up to two years and a fine)

Response and rebuttal, re "America's Flailing Francophobes"


Smug right-wingers found here

ololiuhqui: Real right-wingers found here

Google Drops "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" Ad

ololiuhqui: BTW, WE HATE HATE

Hans Blix reports to the U.N.: Iraq is in compliance.

Angus_Young: This correspondent looking forward to the war crimes hearings



saddam's odds changing rapidly

Really Fucking High

coderman: you read this thinking it is a trip.. but its DXM.. ahahaha.

trip report


matthew: URLshortening services suck.

one fucked up story. starts out kinda lame and B rated, then goes straight into FREAK MODE

coderman: "So: Sheila and Chris, with the power vested in me as an underground castratrix, I hearby pronounce you Mistress and eunuch. Sheila, you may kiss your boy!"

everybody's favorite, DEAD BABY JOKES!

coderman: i always like to open an interview or speach with one of these...
coderman: these are second only to the abducted girl in the trunk jokes. "What is black and blue and doesn't like to have sex?" A:the 12 year old girl in my trunk!
coderman: (Mutiny told me that one... he is one sick bastard :-)
Mutiny: Lies!
Mutiny: What's the difference between a dead baby and an apple? I don't cum all over the apple before I bite into it.

Prostitutes, Drugs, and a Magic Vest - in Turkey

How to get kicked out of the army for $20 a day

ahahaha.. oh shit, is this my second glass?

coderman: "Suck my balls.....There is room for gratutitous nudity around here somewhere. Some hot chick send me pictures of yourself nude. If no one does i will have to steal some of some lame porn site. All the rest of you assholes can kiss my ass,right Kermit??"
coderman: http://www.angelfire.com/sd/monkeylord/Cows.jpg - oh man, that is weird

How would you commit suicide? TAKE THIS QUIZ!

coderman: i got drowning.. that sucks

Odd search referrals

coderman: "terrorist warning blowjob" - yeah, that makes sensE!
coderman: must be some kind of kinky scavenger hunt ...
wmf: orange alert! zip!
coderman: let me wipe that off your chin Mr. President ...
Mutiny: The soldiers at Guantanamo were sure surprised that those enemy combatants could sure give a mean hum-job.

no food for towel heads in israel

This guy really hates rap!

coderman: did you get her number?

ahahaha, i dont even know how to describe this one...

coderman: "you are so mad!!!!! you are wrong to. In my school i own many girls. i am not super handsome but the fatpage makes me a star. one teacher knows and hates becase the FATTYS ARE REAL PEOPLE! i call her profesora meatbeaf. her chair is very tired from the giant butt."

An ode to fuck





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