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Cat plus ceiling fan = damn good time.

DragonFax: not for cat lovers.
rik: au contraire! It's funny because it's fake, and no animals were harmed during the making of it.
rik: They did back over the star after filming though :/

What happens when you die online.

seti: you get your belongings put on ebay?

The jihad has begun!

Ash: I love the smell of jihad in the morning
Ash: (although sometimes it smells like stinky arabs, I don't like that)


seti: Southern Iraq is pretty certainly in the no-fly zone though, which has been seeing actions like this for like forever now
seti: How to surrender - NRC Handelsblad, a Dutch newspaper, had reprints of some of the leaflets.


dopp: Send Peace Pretzels to GWB!
Ash: Is chump posting this to the web again yet?
seti: yes, presently at http://www.trance.org/~niels/chump/ (better URLs welcome, original chump more than welcome too)

presumably us military near or in iraq

matthew: pfft I've been to peace rallies bigger than that.
Ash: How many of those are cardboard cutouts
Ash: Isn't this war like the one in "Wag the Dog" anyway?

Pentagon simplifies media relations by announcing that `unauthorised' journalists will be shot at

seti: already a week old article

Dear Governor Bush

burtonator: Dear Governor Bush

sarin gas and autopilot crashed the 9/11 planes... maybe.. or maybe not. but that is still a better theory than the one the media fed us.

seti: I doubt it, one of the WTC planes was seen making a course adjustment pretty short before impact



nym: wtf?

Fark Iraqi Flyer Contest

Ghost Riders in the Sky - alternative 9-11 scenario


Mutiny: haha look at the guy sucking on the lollipop

The war has started

coderman: i hope they release the movie^H^H^H^Hnews footage soon (with dolby stereo and all the precision guided special effects)

Oh crap, we have chemical weapons of mass destruction in our backyard??

coderman: "mommy, look at the funny green cloud!"
Angus_Young: This is not news, the report 'just released on Tuesday' is not the first time this information has been brought to the govt's attention (and fallen on deaf ears) ..
Angus_Young: .. see RMI's Preface to the 2001 Edition of Brittle Power Energy Strategy for National Security available freely in PDF format on the web since Oct 2001
Angus_Young: Operation Liberty Steald: "# FBI will use 5,000 agents in event of war" What kind of agents? nerve agents? biological agents? chemical agents? come on guys, be specific

Phone taps found at EU's Brussels HQ

Ash: Damn Belgians and their wiretaps


matthew: The Beastie Boys have singlehandedly set back white people in rap by at least a decade. Had they not existed, people may have taken white rappers seriously, thus saving us the horror of Vanilla Ice.
nym: I disagree, the Beastie Boys are much more talented than Vanilla Ice and Kenny G is much more harmful to jazz than the Beastie Boys ever could be to hip-hop.
nym: Plus they are very cool for releasing an anti-war song. Aparently there's a whole bunch of hip-hop artists coming together to make anti-war music.
nym: ...a kind of 'we are the world' thing ;)

Latest post from the salon reporter who snuck across the border in a rubber raft.

coderman: I still bet money that they bomb his ass if he uses a sat. uplink
coderman: some coder lackey probably coded the algorithm in python that is now used by the US military to target unauthorized satellite communications links and feed it into the targetting system of either ship launched cruise missiles or bomber flown smart bombs. i hope there are no bugs. you tested your code didnt you man? YOU ALWAYS TEST THE CODE!

Chemical plants in US storing chlorine and sulfur dioxide are vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

coderman: but the real news is bush and congress (and anyone else on the $455 billion chemical industry payroll) - democrats included, have killed a bill to increase security at these facilities
coderman: "In the event of a total failure of a railroad tank car of chlorine which discharges its entire contents within a 10-minute time frame, the resulting cloud of chlorine vapor would be immediately dangerous to both life and health for a distance exceeding 14 miles." That's not propaganda from Greenpeace -- it's from the company's own risk management plan.


Salon asks for your support during their "un-embedded, un-censored" reporting of the Iraq war

coderman: Man, they mentioned Phillip Robertson by name, and the fact that he would be reporting uncensored and independent from northern iraq. $10 says the US has added him to the target list :-)

'Boom!' Time

kherr: System of a Down's video for 'Boom!' is directed by Michael Moore.



Mutiny: nuff. fucking. said.

Smells like teen spirit

kherr: How poor Avril Lavigne is a product of RIAA and is naive about how she's being exploited.
kherr: "'I knew in my heart that I needed to be more pop to break,' she says." And she thinks she can call the shots on her next album.
Mutiny: "An icon who sings about crushes on skater boys and who listens to Blink-182 and who may or may not know who Sid Vicious was."

Mon Dieu! Give the statue back

kherr: Some idiot in Red America who wants to send the Statue of Liberty back to France.


AccordionGuy: Thanks to sateh for pointing out the pic earlier


Clone of the Attack

Gulf War II: The Vengeance

Royal Marines set to fight Bush-Blair propaganda war

kherr: Plans are to take Basra early and create PR spectacle
kherr: Also see Basra is early target


coderman: someone looking for "underage bittorrent" in google hit my site. wtf is that?

Soda Pop Whore Blog

kherr: "In which I pimp myself for carbonated water and cold hard cash."

You've Got Dissent!

AccordionGuy: Chinese Dissident Use of the Internet and Beijing's Counter-Strategies
AccordionGuy: A RAND paper
wmf: why should I trust what AYN RAND says about China?


seti: <wmf> just put up a link on your site. "if you are this girl, please email me"

Fear Bram's Crane Style Kung Fu!

Funny as HELL 1970 Swedish rockers@!



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