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*** GAME OVER *** || Please type /disconnect now.


Ash-w: geez what a bunch of lamers
seti: linked from the preceding /. article... prepare to be assimilated

Chinchilla ribs - are they fragile enough to break picking them up?

coderman: who knows - probably only if you are quite reckless and squeze em like the charmin
seti: grab squeak! CRUNCH
rik: squeak squeeak squee pant cough expire

Mozilla Bug - DNS: problems with new DNS cache ("pinning" forever)

coderman: Goddamnit, they broke fucking DNS to fix an obscure java script hole that can be exploited with rouge DNS reply packets.
seti: applications shouldn't cache DNS data indefinitely, damnit
coderman: So instead of breaking this only where it needs to be broken (to work around a broken javascript func.) they break it for everyone, break it for use with any kind of load balancing or failover setup, and in short, are taking their time to fix it .. like.. years.
seti: bug first reported 2002-08-15, so calling it years is slightly overstating the facts... still I recall older Netscape browsers caching data indefinitely too. quite a pain, in this light it's almost a good thing that browsers tend to crash every now and then.
coderman: yeah, I am just pissed off, because I am dealing with this EXACT PROBLEM at work using a dynamic DNS failover system, and all of our old java apps (1.1.8, dont ask) require this lame workaround using an external socket proxy that does a DNS lookup every time.


coderman: This little thing is a natural born killer when I give a few rocks of crystal meth!
seti: and http://cubicmetercrystal.com/pika2.jpg
seti: what doesn't become a killer when supplied with crystal meth?

Amsterdam, NL public transport map

seti: Nightbus schedule at http://www.gvb.nl/ovproducten/index-nachtbus.htm
seti: If you're visiting Amsterdam for the first time (or need a refresher course), see http://www.gvb.nl/touristguide/engels/strippenkaart.htm for an explanation of how the "strippenkaart" works with which you pay for your rides.


Threat level raised from yellow to orange (not mauve)

Geebus: MAGENTA??? NOOO!!!! ... I just pee'd myself.


Loki: Thermoptics like in Ghost in the Shell... kind of.

"You're Master Shake! You're manipulative, self-

Loki: You're Dr. Weird! Preferring your laboratory on the South Jersey shore to life in the real world, you're constantly creating villains, machines, and schemes to destroy the world. You were probably mistreated as a child.
Geebus: You're Master Shake! You're manipulative, self-absorbed, materialistic, rude, lazy, and easily distracted. Despite all that, you still think you're the shit.


Rowing machine reviews.

jillium: Read the third one down.
jillium: Ash, this means you.



Martian Law

Ash-w: Pretty interesting, but it's from the cato institute, so guess what they suggest...
seti: "Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam" would be my guess from Cato.

Vice Grips plus leatherman stuff, neato


Guy dies on IRC of drug overdose

burtonator: ... while people were watching him on a webcam
burtonator: you can read the IRC logs at that site
A_Young: yuk i don't wanna look
ddttmm: the web site does not care for your likings. it cares not whether you WANt to look. it is on the web. it's late at night. you will look.
sayke: he told us he was hardcore... yes, yes he did.
sayke: truly a person without a squishy center, brandon vedas had one of the hardest cores ever measured
A_Young: "Drug chat rooms aren't dangerous," said Sgt. Randy Force, public information officer for the Phoenix Police Department. "Taking drugs is dangerous."
A_Young: Taking "large doses of Klonopin, Methadone, Restoril and Inderal, along with marijuana and 151-proof rum" is dangerous, fucker
sayke: efforts are now underway to extract the hard core from brandon's body for further study. darpa has expressed interest, and said in a statement that it foresees many military applications for cores as hard as brandon's.
A_Young: His family "don't believe he was trying to kill himself"
sayke: a coalition of environmentalists and human rights activists issued a fervant condemnation of darpa's proposed core-extraction research, saying "shit, almost anything's better then depleted uranium, but HUMAN CORES!? wtf! no!"
A_Young: what did they think he was trying to do then? set a fucking record?

Desmond Tutu -- Against Israeli Apartheid


TheShadO: Nothing to see, move along

Reuters: Searchers Seek Mystery Object from Doomed Shuttle


matthew: esr is a self-professed gun nut.
seti: some good points (about the European welfare state about to start falling apart due to age increases and a shrinking labour force), but completely off the mark about integration issues again.

The one, the only, the original E-Sheep

ololiuhqui: And they now have a non-free version, but still never bothered to make a Unix version :(

More DNS Mudding, make it stop

jillzilla: Avert thine eyes.

MUD-dev DNS Adventure

Scientists produce the blackest black ever created. Goths worldwide rejoice.

matthew: NAACP and Black Panthers both claim ownership; each sues the other.

The Noel Smith-Wenkle Salary Negotiation Method

seti: posted a few days late for me. but I'm still happy. :)

"Agri-terror" - the terror-du-jour

GabeW: Maybe this will distract them from "infoterror"...
wmf: is that like when jillzilla sets a cornfield on fire because she wants some popcorn?

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