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DragonFax: This guy buys art he finds at thriftstores and puts it online...
DragonFax: Demented!
DragonFax: example... http://www.thriftstoreart.com/60sfaceh.htm
DragonFax: http://www.thriftstoreart.com/wreckh.htm Auto Wreck In Pink



Programmer job at CA Dept of Health Services

druework: They need someone to "work to ensure the linkages of surveillance database with other public agency databases" ....
druework: probably harmless but it certainly sounds ominous

In-Room Chat as a Social Tool

Ash: Oh come on, use irc you wusses.
Ash: (article mentions use of some web-based chat thingey)


peer to peer skiing!

Ash: mmm skiing... drool
Ash: <coderman> I HATE SKIING



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