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accidental escape velocity before sputnik?

The confederacy in space

(wrong URL here)

coderman: ]
seti: wot he meant: http://cubicmetercrystal.com/log/log-0012.html#23-december-2002


Loki: Nobody steals my rhubarb!

Coderman is now making enterprise quality hardware systems.

coderman: Reserve yours today! They are selling fast!!!
AccordionGuy: Never mind Gateway computers, try coderman's "Ghettoway" boxes!

my brother's xmas present (don't tell him!)

Portrait of Saddam Hussein

Loki: "So many people, in and out of Iraq, hate Saddam that any disgraceful or embarrassing rumor is likely to be embraced, believed, repeated, and written down in the Western press as truth. Those who know him best scoff at the wildest of these tales." -- A cautionary observation that often goes overlooked.

Farhan Memon explanation of INS Kidnappings (part 2 - 88M)

burtonator: From the SF INS protest
coderman: (part 3) coderman's hard drive fills up, temporary crises ensures. vigilante rm -rf saves the day.

Farhan Memon explanation of INS Kidnappings (part 1 - 90M)

burtonator: From the SF INS protest


coderman: God that turns me on!!!
seti: Arrr, it are too many of 'em!
coderman: * masturbating furiously ...

New Paketto Keiretsu out

True pr0n Clerk Stories

Patent US5288158: One handed-keyboard

Many Tools of Big Brother Are Up and Running

coderman: Groove is being used in an early evalutation version of Total Information Awareness
seti: <coderman> holy crap
coderman: Fuck you too Ozzie you lame bitch!
coderman: Actually, maybe ozzie had nothing to do with this. Microsoft is a major partner in Groove now, and it seems more likely they would have negotiated this kind of deal

Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters

Loki: A book about Microsoft.


Bethlehem Marks Dreary Christmas Eve


Ed Fredkin on digital immortality

where oil really comes from


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