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RIP Joe Strummer - http://www.cnn.com/2002/SHOWBIZ/Music/12/23/obit.strummer/index.html

Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions coming soon...

coderman: "The freeway chase was the first sequence the Wachowskis tackled for the sequels, and they spent months searching for the perfect location. The brothers wanted their freeway to have a sense of doom about it; not surprisingly, most urban planners try to avoid that. So the search came up empty. The brothers’ solution was a tad unconventional: they dumped the idea of shooting on an existing freeway and built their own."
coderman: "In February 2001, they hired a construction crew to erect a two-mile loop—complete with exit signs, dividers, an on ramp and an overpass—on an old U.S. naval base in Alameda, Calif."
coderman: "When they first heard the idea, the construction guys nearly keeled over. “They actually said to us, ‘We’re not doing this’,” recalls executive producer Grant Hill. “They couldn’t believe it was for a movie. They said, ‘Do you realize how much this costs?’ ” Correct answer: $300,000 per quarter mile."
Loki: The City of Alameda, failing fast since the naval air base there was closed in 1996, was glad to have the money.

Deadline passes for European digital copyright law

Loki: Finally, score one for the good guys.

Israeli police save Arab porn actors

Loki: Priorities... Porn > religious/ethnic/economic warfare
Loki: Did anyone think to ask why the crowd recognized porn actors? Maybe because they had been WATCHING PORN? HMMMMM?

Arabs threaten to bomb plane over in-flight food

Loki: 2 in custody after meal dispute leads to remarks about blowing up aircraft

Federally funded study measures porn arousal

coderman: I need to be in one of these studies. sex, drugs & code

A bizarre rumor that Malawi's government is colluding with vampires to collect human blood for international aid agencies in exchange for food has led to a rash of vigilante violence.

coderman: "Microsoft's secret plan was to plunder the small company of its proprietary information, technical expertise, market knowledge, customers and prospective customers," the filing said. "Microsoft gained Sendo's trust and confidence through false promises that Sendo would be its 'go-to-market-partner'."
Ry4an: Don't complain you got burned when you've dealt with the devil.

A floating stratalite - to be used for broadband wireless from 13 miles up in the stratosphere

coderman: I hope they dont deflate ...

article about musical accompaniment for sex

seti: "Freshness is the key to long-term sexual satisfaction, so switch that music constantly. Remember: there's no shame in climaxing while 45 digitally manipulated felines meow Away In A Manger. No shame at all..."

More on OSAF


DragonFax: Young Pussy
burtonator: I have one of those!


kherr: Is Beck a member of Co$ or not?

followed-up by mysterious flu epidemic

mysterious powder falls on duncan oklahoma

mysterious "webs" fall on galveston

Buy a flight manual, get a grand jury subpeona

Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife¡¯s Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There?

kherr: The real pisser is that flying is no more safe now than it has ever been.

Help coderman generate ElGamal keys with gpg on linux/bsd/*nix

coderman: Simply download this script and invoke. The tarball will be created once all 1,000 4k ElGamal keys have been generated.
coderman: Two additional scripts are downloaded as well: gencmd.sh and run.sh. If you have not downloaded these already the script will do so and prompt you to review them after download before continuing...

Make a mirror in 3 easy steps

coderman: download and install: w3mir, thttpd
coderman: $ mkdir /tmp/mirror;cd /tmp/mirror;w3mir -r http://cubicmetercrystal.com/decss/;thttpd -p 8080


DragonFax: "and you thought being a HORSE'S ASS wasn't important!"


burtonator: "It is certain that she was being treated with an 'Introspection Rundown,'

Xenu Mirror

Look: Nice knowing you, Kevin

Bill of Rights - Security Edition


Look: Makes me feel good to be flying tomorrow

Some Chick for President! (I think her name is Hillary)

LoTR: Two Towers parody

seti: contains mighty spoilers, not work-safe, yet still funny!

Where are the Internment Camps?

burtonator: How long until the "terrorists" start cloning stupid white men?!
burtonator: The jails are full, good time to protest!
burtonator: God damn! The bush administration is stupid as hell!
burtonator: "Oppressing Muslims for Peace"

Family members cover their tomato crop on land running alongside the main road from Kuwait to Basra, Iraq.

burtonator: Family members cover their tomato crop on land running alongside the main road from Kuwait to Basra, Iraq.
burtonator: That is a really good photo!
seti: it would be a really good picture IF THE IDIOTS COULD GET THEIR MIMETYPES STRAIGHT

Jesus -- WTF?

Look: This is funny
choric: The bottom set looks like it's been painted on with a copy of Deluxe Paint II for the Amiga.
Look: Idunno, it looks real to me

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