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#infoAnarchy: Now with multi-user subversion! 力量对精华工程师!

Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife's Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There?

Ash: I saw this on alt.politics the other day, it's great.
Ash: "There is now a division between the citizenry and the state. When that state is used as a tool against me, there is no longer any reason why I should owe any allegiance to that state."
Ash: "And that's the first thing that child of ours is going to learn."
Mutiny: If you can think of a better reason to boycott the airline industry I'd love to hear it. Maybe if we threaten financial doom on them, they'll help lobby to regain some of our civil rights.
seti: I don't think this is the airline industry's fault, it's the industrial-military complex that tries to find new ways to apply old schemes to extort money in any possible way from the citizenry (and foreigners are victimised the most by it).
Mutiny: The airline industry is much more vulnerable to economic extortion than the US Government is.

The 20th anniversary of the Internet

Mutiny: I've love to get shitfaced with Vint Cerf.

Blogger: The video game.

Loki: *Note: May not be real.

Burtonator's Niece

The Coca in the Cola

kherr: Coca-Cola originally had cocaine in it http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blcocacola.htm

Boy banished from wales for counselling suicide.

Broadband supplier puts limits on peer-to-peer services

blanu: Hot news, AudioGalaxy banned!
kherr: If you're a customer, switch providers and let them feel the pain of such a dumb decision
blanu: I hope the anthropologists seem my sarcasm and don't think me dumb.

my comment about this so-called "blogging"

John Poindexter Awareness Office

kherr: Keeping tabs on the anointed head of the Total Information Awareness office

Secrecy News

GabeW: Newsletter which unfortunately is very active these days

Agency reduces power on 72-mile WLAN link to comply with FCC EIRP limits after widely publicized article detailed their use of illegal power outputs with 1 watt amps

coderman: "Computerworld received numerous e-mail complaints that HPWREN was in violation of FCC power limits following publication of its original story. Steve Bragg, a senior electronics engineer at Internet Telemetry Corp. in Tulsa, Okla., called the HPWREN San Clemente Island link illegal, saying, "If I was the FCC, I would bust these guys."
coderman: And if I was coderman I would kick Steve Bragg's fucking lame ass. who cares? it is over a huge body of water and not causing any interference reported by anyone.

Ghost of Christmas Future Taunts Children With Visions of Playstation 5

coderman: "Bored with scaring elderly misers, the Ghost of Christmas Future is spending the holiday season taunting modern children with visions of Christmas 2016's hottest toy: the Sony PlayStation 5, a 2,048-bit console featuring a 45-Ghz trinary processor, CineReal graphics booster with 2-gig biotexturing, and an RSP connector for 360-degree online-immersion play."
coderman: Fucker, he never paid me a visit...


wmf: be sure to read the comments

Smooth Sailing For Improved SOAP 1.2 Spec

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