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#infoAnarchy: Now with multi-user subversion!


wmf: like robot wars, only better
wmf: and it ends in Vegas, so you can blow your $1M prize money in no time
coderman: Yeah, $1M would buy a room full of high priced call girls for an entire week of sexual depravity.
wmf: I wonder if John Carmack will enter, or if he's too busy rocketing armadillos into space
coderman: Can vehicles attack and destroy competitors?
wmf: sweet, you're allowed to use lasers
wmf: cool, you have to refuel autonomously
wmf: "Interfering with other race vehicles will not be allowed." sorry coderman
coderman: Rules were made to be broken. The trick is to destroy all others with such skill, efficiency, and in a demoralizing manner. This is a military sponsored contest! :-)
wmf: "a vehicle that clears a path by setting everything in itıs way on fire...would be unacceptable."
lemonodor2: but cool, nonetheless. unofficially.

Younger generation tells older generation: "By the way, if we may say so, we think your generation totally sucks."

wmf: like that's new
coderman: Yeah, stop the presses!





What rik did last night

rik: Note, not rik in picture.

did the mossad take down the WTC?

Wired's annual VaporWare contest is beseaching submissions for the most anticipated software that never made it.

Loki: Duke Nukem Forever!
coderman: Duke Nukem Foevar won in 2001. Maybe it can win 2 years in a row??
dtm: I shall not submit! I shall not recant!!!

America says: DO NOT ENTER. $91 billion in tourism revenue anually is taking a beating.

coderman: "Travel to the United States was down 17 percent in the first six months of 2001, and more than 345,000 tourism-related jobs have been lost since the attacks, about a third of which served foreign tourists, according to the travel industry group"

Mystics in love: Overview of Christian Spirituality and an introduction to several mediaeval mystics

dtm: this describes me pretty well, particularly the quote by Saint Augustine, except that i dont believe in the concept of sainthood ;>

Physics homework.

The Bay Trail (which goes around the SF Bay)

LA Freeway System


kherr: Useful perl scripts for doing stuff like weblog analysis. In fact, see WebLog on the page.


wmf: oh geez. they're just looking for an excuse at this point
jillzilla: There's a surprise
coderman: Damnit, why did they add that lame "enter your spambox here" before letting you read an article?

when Microsoft reality collides with everyone elses

coderman: <microsoft> these unix punks keep forgetting who runs the show here...


antiwar libertarians


coderman: "psycho 802.11b head who thinks the 'world is his oyster'. dismissed." - LOL


druework: Bram is a member of the de facto standards committee.

On following the rules

it took me a minute to figure this out

Some crazy bastard thinks MP3's will kill you. (or at least damage your hearing)

coderman: "But a continuous consumption of datareduced audio could possibly lead to fatal consequences" - the MP3 of Cthulu!




wmf: MP3s make you go deaf


aminorex: the nose moves too much


aminorex: we are already at war

Marshall McLuhan vs. Marshalling Regular Expressions

Torture is more fun if you get to pick how to be tortured first.

coderman: Isn't "Pick Your Torture" a japanese game show?


Guiltless grill? Is there another kind?

Loki: Maddox is cool.
Ash: So I'm supposed to feel guilty now if I eat meat? Screw you.
Ash: I'm glad I'm not a militant vegetarian, sheesh

The most unpleasant person you will ever meet.

Ash: it's quite amazing that some people think i give a shit about their lives when mine sucks just as bad, or worse, than everyone elses. fuck off.

Lott resigns as Senate majority leader, retains Senate seat.

Loki: I think this has implications for his committee seats as well.

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