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<jillzilla> I am the BOMBO


Loki: "Managing desktop reliability can be challenging." Surprisingly enough, it's an ad for Microsoft, not something where desktop reliability isn't an issue. Like err anything else.

Webloggers (of the clueless variety) are surprised they cannot post trade secrets, defame, or infringe copyright. "This is the Internet man!!! ANYTHING GOES"

coderman: "Posting information or opinions on the Internet is not much different from publishing in a newspaper, and if the information is defamatory, compromises trade secrets, or violates copyright or trademark regulations, the publisher could face legal claims and monetary damages."
Loki: "Anything goes." Right. I wish.

Three women killed for not wearing veils

coderman: Sometimes I am glad we are bombing the fuck out of these idiots
coderman: where idiots == fundamentalist islamic extremists
jillzilla: I object. We are bombing the fuck out of other people, not these people.
coderman: yes, other people as intolerant as them (and lots of other unfortunate people who are in the vicinity)
jillzilla: But they aren't connected.
Mutiny: But should be bombed anyways.
Ash: We Reserve The Right To Bomb Anyone(tm)
coderman: Not connected geographically? idealogically?
coderman: i dont man. all i know is WHO THE HELL KILLS SOMEONE for not wearing a veil? that is the lamest shit in the world.
coderman: Kind of like america killing for OIL
jillzilla: These people did something horrible. They are not the same people we are bombing.
coderman: The people we are bombing held public executions in a fucking soccer field for women who failed to adhere to their backassward laws, like wearing viels, no education, no driving, etc. To me they are in the same vein of extremist intolerance based on misguided interpretations of islamic law. but I am just pissed off so please ignore this entire thread as a ignorant rant against something I have no understanding of.


coderman: But is she single? (oh wait, i'm not ... nevermind)
seti: 404 now? (The requested URL /newsservice/stories/2002/1213-HOGTIED.html was not found on this server.)


rik: Asked by agents if he had anything else to tell them, Cusack responded: "Yes, I've got monkeys in my pants."

A novel by tansaku using CC license

Ric Flair ate my balls

coderman: This must be one of those thousand monkeys web pages

Eli Lilly Bandit!

burtonator: Democracy Requires Accountability!


UFO invasion!


jillzilla: You cured yet?

Definition of LOOOOSER!

wmf: it's young Tyrell!

AOL Patents Instant Messaging

burtonator: "America Online has quietly secured a patent that could potentially shake up the competitive landscape for instant messaging software. "
burtonator: shake up?

Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit 2003

One-click marijuana shopping for sick canucks

coderman: coderman moves to canada!

Lissajous Lab

deltab: "The Lissajous Lab provides you with a virtual oscilloscope which you can use to generate these patterns. (You will control the horizontal. You will control the vertical.)"

3D Animations, including spherical Lissajous figures

Commodore 64 Force T-Shirt


blanu: Watch QuickTime (Sorenson) in Linux with mplayer
blanu: I can no longer find anything worth watching that I can't watch in Linux. Now if only printing worked...

What does the message 'disabling Nagel's algorithm' mean?

Loki: See also: http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc896.html

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