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Anyone in the SF area have a Windows laptop I could borrow for a week to do a NewsMonster port? (or a windows desktop)

Giant xemacs yay

Calamaris - Squid log parser.

Hundreds of muslims rounded up in CA

Cartoon All-Stars


smackthud: latest VGA benchmarks from toms hardware

MS to share Windows code with India

kherr: M$ wants to stop the adoption of linux at any cost


smackthud: well duh.


Lord of the Rings gay softcore.

Loki: May not be work safe.
wmf: you have to notice that Bilbo and Frodo seem to show no interest in women

DirecTV (DSL) broadband bites the dust.

wmf: maybe this is a lesson about core competencies

What kind of dork puts his monitors so the FACE the window!!!!

Dancers Exposed

wmf: a documentary about strippers, filmed in Austin
coderman: wes is the meat in the middle of the stripper sandwich
burtonator: I was the director
wmf: I can't afford that kind of habit

IBM Research Super Dense Server Project

wmf: wmf's 2001 project
coderman: Super Dense Servers: experiments with hydraulic presses and computing equipment
coderman: Executive summary: while extremely dense, our layered 100 mainboard server array fails to function when compressed to 1.5"
wmf: the hardware porn is on page 9
coderman: Focus on MIPS / m^3 / Watt <- mmmmmmm
coderman: Holy shit - 15watts per blade worst case is pretty damn lean


coderman: Ehehehehe.. lots of investment - in industrial lubricants!

<L> . o O ("What is that motion Peter is doing?")


est, demonically possessing the _crap_ out of gabe's child!

dtm: WTG, est!! :/
dtm: Denny's, demons, and daughters!!!
dtm: Demons vs. daughters at Denny's!

dtm as Beaker

seti: Beaker; from the Muppet show, the lab assistant
seti: <dtm> jillzilla: i try to look more like Skeeter

Bill Of Rights Pared Down To A Manageable Six

jillzilla: "The United States is a different place than it was back in 1791," Craig said. "As visionary as they were, the framers of the Constitution never could have foreseen, for example, that our government would one day need to jail someone indefinitely without judicial review. There was no such thing as suspicious Middle Eastern immigrants back then."


Mr. Show Episodes


Mr. Show: THE BOOK

Ash: Actually titled _Mr. Show: What happened?_
Ash: Available at the Mr. Show store.. http://www.kungfunation.com/data/mrshow.html

Streaming video using end system multicast in peer networks

blanu: Lame. Uses the same tired old tree-based topology in peercast, further, etc.. Also, it doesn't work behind firewalls because it uses RTP.

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