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burtonator needs another roommate in SF - rent is $725 in the Inner Sunset (awesome hood) || dtm says, "hi".

Bush to deploy "missile defense" system

Loki: ...on Laura Bush.

ElcomSoft verdict: Not guilty

A reliable transport scheme over UDP

50 Worst People of 2002

Proposal for turning mental health centre grounds from large campus into urban village

AccordionGuy: Conveniently located across the street from a goth bar
seti: _across_ the street?



smackthud: not just for software anymore
smackthud: I wonder if sourceforge will accept CreativeCommons licenses

Total Information Awareness? Poindexter, information czar exposed.

nym_: Call up Poindexter! (301) 424-6613
nym_: ...or visit him in person at 10 Barrington Fare in Rockville, Md.
nym_: Ask him if he has any relation to the Donald Douglas Poindexter listed Maryland sex-offender.
nym_: Also ask what his neighbors think of the admiral, and his plan to collect information on them.

A Solution to Block Requests

Good article on the ethics of Google

The entire CampChaos list

CampChaos - the creators

burtonator: Doesn't work on my machine
rik: Chaos, with limp wrists!
GabeW: The original napster bad is here
rik: "Oh, it's everywhere <flap>"


burtonator: Shockwave BAD

Is Googling Ethically OK? (registration required)

rik: Is requiring registration for a news site Ethically OK?
seti: spamnews / spamnews - problem solved
deltab: In other news: "Web Article Is Removed; Flaws Cited"

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