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<codernamg> A/S/L | coderman == bastard

The human context and the future of Mnet


What everyone wants for christmas this year, vol. 2

What every kid wants for christmas.


aminorex: Sweden gives asylum to U.S. truth-tellers


Ry4an: google me!
Look: NOOOOO! My dark secret is out
Look: I have CATS
deltab: Cats: All your house are belong to us
Look: Cats are simple once you understand them. They are machines which turn money into shit.



kherr: A guide to the difference between terrorists and the Bush Administration


Secret Service called after student wears t-shirt with picture of GWB with crosshairs on head saying "Not my president"

Loki: While threats against the President are a serious issue, I find it hard to believe that sane, rational men like the Secret Service would give this potential threat more than a cursory glance.


Angus_Young: Wanna see how fucked Australian agriculture is? Hint the red bits are desert - look at the right-bottom corner of the map

The solution to all business model problems


Yahoo editorial - "George W. Bush, Warlord"

Loki: I would very much like the text or an official (or unofficial for that matter) of that executive order.

Tim O'Reilly's "Piracy is Progressive Taxation" article

GabeW: Bound to be a classic


Get a job at microsoft, and you too can steal $9M worth of proprietary software

Loki: Of course, it's only worth about $27.50 then.


Moby attacked

Ash: Yeah like you wouldn't attack moby if you saw him on the street
Loki: Take that you bald-ass hippie!
GabeW: Muppet beatings are in vogue these days
Ash: <Moby> I can't find any la-la'ers!
Ash: B4 only makes sense if you have kids and sesame street videos

Samsung Contact 8.0 released

Ash: Get it at ftp://ftp.samsungcontact.com/pub/sc-8.0.0/

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