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Small ethical compromises within corporations have an emergent property of EVIL || /me forms a corporation and hires burtonator as CEO -- Chief Ethics Architect (dtm) || gargoyles fucking rule!


A_Young: ermmm..
A_Young: Old School


Fotos de Computadores - Galeria de Mainframes

A_Young: More retro-futurism than you can poke a stick at!


DragonFax: neat, but $30 for a decent size. they have other neat posters though.


A_Young: weeeeeee! povray 3.5 available!


blanu: The whole joelonsoftware mindset suddenly became clear to me because of this article. His primary programming paradigms are Visual C++ MFC Windows VB VBScript ASP.


Cypher, bad flash.


New Beetle Convertible at Volkswagen

kherr: Or wait for one of the concept cars http://www.vw.com/concept/index.htm


A_Young: CSS info en masse


A_Young: Everything you ever needed to know but someone else already asked


A_Young: CSS support for various browsers .. reasonably up-to-date site, should stay that way ...

Duck and Cover! It's BRAVE COMBO

hire the burtonator

burtonator: shameless chump promotion

GBDE - Geom Based Disk Encryption

Ash: Summary of the GBDE multilevel protection scheme: Up to four separate pass-phrases can unlock their own separate copies of the 2048 bit masterkey. The master-keys are protected using AES/256/CBC keyed with a SHA-2 hash derived from the pass-phrase. A salted MD5 hash over the sectoroffset "cherry-picks" which masterkey bytes participate in the MD5 hash which generates the "kkey" for each particular sector. The kkey AES/128/CBC encrypts the PRNG produced single
Ash: ...encrypts the actual sector data

phk's GEOM

Ash: Like legos, but for disks.

picoChip - 430 16bit cores in one die. Much faster than traditional DSP/FPGA combos for baseband processing, and much cheaper than ASIC's to produce.

coderman: Expect to see these in baseband processors for WCDMA 3G networks and maybe if we are lucky, high end 802.11* equipment.


Loki: Israel's film ratings board said the documentary "distorted presentation of events in the guise of democratic truth which could mislead the public". It said the public could be misled into thinking that Israeli soldiers had committed war crimes.
Loki: The israeli soldiers complaining of having been ordered to commit war crimes, and the UN probe that concludes Israeli soldiers did commit war crimes might not sway people, but put it on TV and people convert wholesale.
Loki: See also http://reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=entertainmentNews&storyID=1888373 and http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=239768&contrassID=2&subContrassID=1&sbSubContrassID=0&listSrc=Y



Loki: PowerLink 1 Way is a hybrid high speed data service combining a 27 megabit high-speed cable downstream path and a telephone modem return path - allowing Internet access at speeds up to 50 times faster than through a typical 28.8 Kbps phone modem.
druework: internet, like television, but with a "BUY" button...




burtonator thinks he can hang...

coderman: burtonator is going to leave in a fog of defeat and THC
coderman: ehehe

Playful, Fine Jewelry by Kathy Loewenstern

druework: My sister's site is almost as annoying as she is.
jillzilla: click here for egofest
jillzilla: All Mock drue's sister's site


Software Engineer Opening

druework: Great place to work.
druework: We make the best spam cannons.
coderman: I make spam cannons in quad CPU linux systems on gigabit backbones with multithreaded network apps blasting SMTP via 100,000 connections fed by /dev/epoll
Loki: Stop it you're making me frisky.
coderman: did I mention the aggressive DNS caching mechanism that builds a compressed trie based index of all registered domains in a compact binary memory representation for trulu asynchronous DNS lookups from any number of threads within microseconds in a fully asynchronous manner?
coderman: drue says freebsd with kqueue/stackless-python/coroutines is better, but I say non of that supports SMP so suck me! :-)
coderman: just kidding ... i work for sun as a senior AstroTurf/MediaWhore engineer. SMP and blocking threads are our lifeblood!

2002 Heading for No. 2 Spot in Climate Records

coderman: Bush still claims that "global warming" is a fallacy
coderman: If it's not good for BIG OIL, its NOT TRUE

Coderman is pissed off - a plea to fight censorship and revisionist history

Loki: Mormons are Arianists! KILL!

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