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The Molecular Biology of Paradise

Mutiny: SHIVER



AccordionGuy: From Eric Raymond's "Sex Tips for Geeks" : "How to be Sexy"


Switching and Routing for All Wireless Multi-Beam Ad-Hoc Networks

coderman: "The use of multi-beam antenna arrays for transmission and reception allows wireless units to send and receive tens of beams in different directions and using multiple frequency bands. If we deploy a large number of such multi-beam wireless units over a large area, we obtain a highly connected and high capacity wireless network. We call this the All Wireless Network (AWN)"
wmf: <coderman> I'm going to figure out how to do this for free with Linux
coderman: yes, with DMA based PCI 802.11a/b/g devices with adaptive MAC's coded in linux drivers
coderman: Card costs $25 in bulk. Use 8 of them. $200. Put a 1 watt amp (set for 500mW) on each, $800. Antennas at cross polarization and channels set for long haul point to point, $400. So with two end points, each about $1,400 in cost, you can bridge 400Mbits of full duplex traffic over 20-60 miles.

I'd like to have $386493 to buy wireless equipment with

coderman: NSF CISE grant program
wmf: integrated services sucks, stupid networks rule
Ash: <codermang> HAHA i 0wnX0r j00 wi+5 m`/ 3000-w@77 802.11b amp
Ash: <codermang> hey look i'm picking up the ap at wmf's house

RIAA raids alleged music pirates in New York

kherr: RIAA and the US Secret Service busted a music pirate ring
kherr: They really were doing illegal mass duplication for profit
wmf: good to see some real criminals getting busted
Loki: If it had been illegal mass duplication as a 401(3)c not-for-profit corporation, I'd be totally on their side.


kherr: FBI running popup ads for their most wanted.
kherr: Which won't be seen if people have JavaScript turned off or crippled.
kherr: Will the federal gov't require popup ad support?
smackthud: and does using ad blocking software constitute obstruction of justice


kherr: When government wants to spend money, bad consulting rushes in.
kherr: <smackthud> Oh good lord. that's like a friggin prop from one of the RoboCOP movies


Loki: This guy was believable until he blamed the Illuminati.

Somebody has taken down a number of mirrors of the Nuclear Weapons FAQ

coderman: Not a single one up anymore, nor is there any record of it in the google cache.
coderman: What the fuck?
Loki: The Terrorists (or TIA) have already won.
coderman: Re= http://www.envirolink.org/issues/nuketesting/hew/Nwfaq/Nfaq0.html , http://www.fas.org/nuke/hew/Nwfaq/Nfaq0.html , http://www.warewulf.com/nuke/Nwfaq/Nfaq0.html , etc.
kherr: TIA is headed by Poindexter, a CONVICTED FELON. How is he different from a terrorist?
coderman: LAST MIRROR STANDING (i.e. everyone mirror now please) >> http://www.milnet.com/milnet/nukeweap/
coderman: w3mir -c -drr -fa -r -t 3 http://www.milnet.com/milnet/nukeweap/
coderman: w3mir: That's all (1298138+7658 bytes of it).

Fort Knox' quarterly report (google pdf -> html page)

Loki: Note that each year is a loss...

i vibe (Blueberry)

deltab: A real-life iBrator
deltab: found with Froogle


wmf: "R2-D2 was all like beep beep beep, and then half of the secret transmission was, like, gone. That's why I switched to the ER1."
deltab: in MPEG





wmf: weird


gps: froogle is cool but how can it compete with shopper.cnet.com or mysimon.com without price sorting and vendor rating?



Loki: gNiall attempts to learn whatever language you try to teach it. It is basically a disassociator: it collects statistics on sentences you type and tries to construct meaningful replies.

webstart, all because of webstart. it would fucking rule to deploy software this way.

Mutiny: Yes, deploying software this way _does_ fucking rule.



druework: New! Improved Home Page (thanks aaron!)

How Total Information Awareness Works: A Simple Guide

coderman: Executive Summary: Grab ankles; lather vaseoline generously ...
burtonator: Boycott Intel
burtonator: I want an OSS TIA implementation written in python and all the data available via RSS 1.0
burtonator: No need to use TIA.. .just use chump!

url for this Mccusker thing everyone's talking about

AaronSw: This is outrageous! Censoring the censorship was the last straw for me.
blanu: Why do we always sit around talking about Dave McCusker's life? Why does he always post about his life so we can sit around talking about it?
AaronSw: It's edumacational
seti: It's Big Brother, only without the voting stuff. (i.e. less tiring)

3rd graders busted for possessing pot

GabeW: They are recommended for expulsion from school
seti: for us silly Europeans, what age group is 3rd grade? in NL it'd be either 6 or 15-16
GabeW: 3rd grade is about 8-10 years old
seti: so the mass searches at schools had a positive effect...

USA entry in CIA World Factbook

Loki: CIA calles US drug haven, money-laundering center.


gps: (flash required)


Loki: I swear it's him.

Stupid baby names thread on Mefi

Europe's ISPs Overrun with Website Take-Down Orders

seti: "Europe's Internet service providers (ISPs) say they are overwhelmed by a barrage of requests to take from their networks Web sites that violate copyright or contain defamatory statements."

Early Lisp Machine Keyboards

Ash: you rule, lemonodor
A_Young: Strangley interesting ... can't pinpoint why
Ash: I'd like a kinesis contoured with extra keys.

US "Allows" Yemen to have Missles

burtonator: Defensive cough
burtonator: A defensive SKUD is like a skull-friendly bullet
seti: fucking for virginity!
burtonator: In that case I am all for it!

On Dec 5, U.S. Sen Strom Thurmond (R-SC) turned 100. How did he celebrate the milestone?

seti: he invited his parents?
jillzilla: For those not familiar with Mr Thurmond, he has been in the Senate since roughly the beginning of time, and was a militant segregationist, believing blacks should use separate public accomodations from whites, and live in separate places.
jillzilla: In other words, so far beyond "asshole" that words fail me.
Ash: Assssssssssssssssshooooooooooooooooooooooooooolioooooooooo

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