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Small ethical compromises within corporations have an emergent property of EVIL || /me forms a corporation and hires burtonator as CEO -- Chief Ethics Architect (dtm) || gargoyles fucking rule!

D-AIRę, a vest incorporating a specially engineered Air Bag

Mutiny_: I'd wear this.

GeoSnapper - GPS Images Online

cubicmetercrystal - no, it is not a giant block of meth

seti: We are approaching the Singularity.
coderman: WARNING= coderman did too much aCiD when this was written
Ash: When does coderman NOT do too much acid?
seti: too much? he's still alive, isn't he? wasn't too much, then.
Ash: If he wrote that, he was doing too much acid.


Loki: Explanation for all of coderman's deviant behaviour

Legless, armless man accused in beating death.

Man With No Hands, Legs Charged In Beating Death

CNN.com - Psst! 'Two Towers,' cheap -- from pirates

seti: I don't believe this, as it's nowhere to be gotten on the Internet, which would be the case if the film actually was for sale in Asia, especially for $1
Loki: 09:20 <@papajon> and apparently although the box looks right, and says lord of the rings, inside it aint the film
seti: "one Western film industry executive" considered not a reliable news source
seti: what WERE they thinking at CNN?!
Mutiny_: Pirating is bad. Wouldn't you just want to wait?

List of WIPO's activities


Loki: Your password must be at least 18770 characters and cannot repeat any of your previous 30689 passwords. Please type a different password. Type a password that meets these requirements in both text boxes.

Cool shirt.


Loki: He'd walk. Public transit. Hey man, this is Jesus we're talking about here!

Amid telecom ruins, a fortune is buried

seti: (repost)
coderman: Yay for orygon

Craig Newmark on PVRs

burtonator: Chances are this happened in my hood

Gay Comic Book Hero

burtonator: In a bubble in the first edition of the series, Rawhide Kid comments about the Lone Ranger: "I think that mask and the powder blue outfit are fantastic. I can certainly see why the Indian follows him around."

Apple Releases Java 1.5?!


burtonator: JET - The opposite of exciting
coderman: Practical never did mean exciting ...
burtonator: a... nd to protect your intellectual property through increased resistance of your Java programs to reverse engineering.
burtonator: Orasis approves of this DRM system!
coderman: My jad fu rulez all your R.E. base! MAKE YOUR TIME
Look: protect your customer base by actually running natively on their OS


Ry4an: Jet 3.0 for burtonator



coderman: Does anyone actually get results? Its all a bunch of (0 WebQuotes) for me ...
wmf: I got a few, but they weren't that great

DeCSS mirror - survived the first round of legal nasty grams sent to ISP's

coderman: ... and will survive any subsequent attempts! :-)

Congress Debates New Drug Bill

It's high tide!

DragonFax: Its High Tide! :D


Mall of Central America Looted on Opening Day

Ash: "I heard of a place with endless supplies of food and clothing," said Higuera, the soles of his only pair of shoes worn through from the trip. "I had to make the journey, for the sake of my family. It was difficult, but well worth it: Never have I seen so many Eddie Bauer rollneck sweaters."

Oracle 9i for Dummies

Google Labs

deltab: New - Viewer and WebQuotes

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