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OASIS TC Call For Participation: XRI TC




GabeW: That is the most unique recruiting site I've ever seen


The email that wouldn't go more than 500 miles

Man survives days on condiments

GabeW: Who says ketchup isn't a vegetable?

Vicar tells children Santa is dead

Carter warns against 'catastrophic' war

Blogdex SPAM becoming a problem

AaronSw: "This is not the case" says company spokesperson.
Ash: Get Four DVDs for $0.49 each
AaronSw: Why not? 77 other blogs are

World Inverse Surveillance Day on 12/24

kherr: Bring any camera to a video surveillance point, "models" (security) will show up.
kherr: See also http://wearcam.org/wsd.htm


wmf: hey baby, let's "touch base"
wmf: (but which base?)
jillzilla: "Look, I got some that night and I learned about baseball... It was very productive."

Yay for DMA based 802.11b network interfaces

wmf: looks like there's plenty of room on that MiniPCI card for a 250mW amp... :-)


The Famous Bowie J. Poag

coderman: This guy is fucking crazy!
coderman: GET A LIFE

Pact for US and Canada to call on each other's troops

AccordionGuy: Canadian troops favoured to win inter-troop beer-chugging contests.
GabeW: And thats about all they're favored to win..
jillzilla: '[Canadian Defense Minister] McCallum said the idea preserves and promotes Canadian sovereignty by giving Canada a role in planning the defence of the continent - "plans the United States would otherwise be developing without us."'
silentfury: The beginning of the end of Canadian sovereignty.
jillzilla: Joint US-Canadian pact to defend AccordionGuy's anal sovereignty.
jillzilla: "And it's taking some troops, I'll tell ya!"

Kissinger picking his nose and eating the fruit of his labor

jillzilla: Dave Barry wrote about that once.

Possible male contraceptive pill

jillzilla: Doesn't mess with testosterone. Appears to cause diarrhea, though.

Microsoft Office 11

druework: Forget X. Ours goes to 11.
druework: Office 97, Office 2000, Office XP... naturally the next one is Office 11.



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