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Vampire Ecology in the Jossverse


Loki: These look really neat, but the page seems to want to do something that my browser doesn't do.

Amid telecom ruins, a fortune is buried

seti: "According to Telegeography, a Washington, D.C., research firm, the long-haul networks that run through Oregon can carry 1,148 terabits of data per second -- enough bandwidth to run about 15 always-on, high-speed Internet connections for every person in the United States."

Initial draft of coder's resume

Pedestrian Killer


M1 RS 170 Clip on Viewer

nym`: drool
nym`: sweeeeeeeeeeeet HMD

A_Young: http://osxonintel.xoverzero.com/
A_Young: whatever .. it moved .. not deleted, just lost the URL
A_Young: "32630 signatures since 9/18/2000 -- They have it, we want it."


A_Young: According to Apple, "OpenDarwin.org is the home for the Darwin bug tracking system and an "experimental" source code repository... [and] provides developers with greater freedom to experiment with Darwin open source projects."


A_Young: GNU OpenStep implementation



A_Young: Open Darwin


A_Young: not OSX on Intel
A_Young: Did apple sue them? What happened? Where did OSXonIntel go?


A_Young: Mark Harden's famoust Artchive



PenguinOfDoom: She is anoxeric.


coderman: Neuromancer: he wants "to release a popular file sharing / wifi peer application with distributed computing capabilities for 20 million users contributing CPU to a virtual 500Teraflop machine!
coderman: Neuromancer: "I shall control this distributed network of the Republic"

MSc in substance misuse

Loki: This Masters programme is designed for graduates who either are, or intend to become, practitioners in the field of substance misuse.


wmf: like ThinkGeek, only geekier


Photographer Arrested For Taking Pictures of Vice President's Hotel

kherr: Welcome to the Police State of America

Don't make the smug guy's head explode

wmf: I don't get it, but it's cool anyway

Coders tree - decorated by caryn

coderman: <Ash> Tree in the shape of a bong



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