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Small ethical compromises within corporations have an emergent property of EVIL || /me forms a corporation and hires burtonator as CEO -- Chief Ethics Architect (dtm)


Loki: "violating copyrights and illegal copying of software" is a mortal sin.


Loki: Man detained for being radioactive.








kherr: Get Your War On, one more time.
kherr: And H4x0r Economist http://www.rdwarf.com/~kioh/
GabeW: "Meta-war" (Page fifteen)

The Devil's Excrement

kherr: Miguel Octavio's blog; he's in Venezuela.

What the World Thinks in 2002

seti: Dissatisfaction with the state of one's country is another common global point of view. In all but a handful of societies, the public is unhappy with national conditions.
burtonator: globalicious!
burtonator: summary - US foreign policy is pathetic
Angus_Young: "How Global Publics View: Their Lives, Their Countries, The World, America" this is in ascending order of importance, right?
Angus_Young: "While attitudes toward the United States are most negative in the Middle East/Conflict Area ..." it's officially called the 'Middle East/Conflict area' now?!
Angus_Young: like, 'Nationality?' 'terrorist'
Angus_Young: "The primary survey was conducted over a four-month period (July-October 2002) among over 38,000 respondents." ...and more

Furry Happy Monsters

deltab: performed by R.E.M. and Assorted Monsters


A_Young: Chump archives for 2002 ..
seti: perhaps the path to the stylesheet in the HTML pages can be corrected

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